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Temecula, CA – Appearing today just a few hours ago on MSN is a story that ties in to the two main points of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, soon to be released, and backs up a story posted a few years back about a guy, a Canadian named Rick Simpson.
“A 7-year-old [Portland] girl suffering from leukemia has become one of Oregon's youngest medical marijuana patients. Mykayla Comstock's mother credits the drug with helping put the cancer into remission. Mykayla was diagnosed with leukemia last spring and the marijuana eases the effects of chemotherapy, according to her mother. The girl takes a gram of cannabis oil daily. Her mother, Erin Purchase, 25, administers Mykayla's cannabis with the help of her boyfriend. Mykayla's mother credits the drug for the leukemia's remission.” (full original article here)

The reason that I even know this story is because her father, who is divorced from the mom and lives in another [non-MMJ] state contacted child welfare officials, police and her oncologist. The ex said his concerns were prompted by a visit with Mykayla in August. The ex-husband pays child support to Purchase and covers Mykayla's health insurance

"She was stoned out of her mind," said ex-husband Comstock, 26. "All she wanted to do was lay on the bed and play video games."

Now let us examine this breaking story. First off, what teen or pre-teen doesn’t just lie on the bed playing video games today? Second, what real dad wouldn’t want his daughter helped by something that he has admitted that he ‘smoked ‘in the past’? Doesn’t smell like teen spirit to me, more like sour grapes from a spoiled relationship.
The remission of cancer, rather than just the appetite stimulus provided to cancer/aids victims, has been suppressed by the government, and the reason for that suppression is given in Memoirs. The story of Rick Simpson was reported here in the Calendar back when the news blog was still known as Full Value Review. Simply put, Rick lives or used to live in a small town up in Canada. Over the course of years, Rick discovered that a gram of properly prepared hemp oil ingested over a period of 60 days will rid a body of cancer. This information brought the Canadian federal authorities into the picture because the local police saw the results. While Rick was out of the country attending the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup festival and giving out information about his cancer cure*, his private property was invaded and he was exiled on threat of deportation to the US for federal detention. Subsequent visits to MMJ meetings and gatherings yielded little info, plus I forgot to ask, cough, cough.
As Memoirs says, the feds and the CIA suppressed the study but news of the study and its suppression were known to the medical marijuana community. Jack Herer was one of the first to call attention to the Rick Simpson study [village people who had been cured of cancer duly documented]. The oil, known as California Tears, is now part of the appeal process to rescind the DEA’s Schedule 1 classification. For the latest on that front, click here.

After reading that latest posts and maybe scanning down a few, you may wonder just why the feds don’t give in. perhaps it is the money from the various industries that oppose pot or hemp, but truthfully, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. That ‘secret’ motive for prohibiting marijuana use since 1937 is also revealed [possibly] for the very first time in the book Memoirs, officially available on 12/21/12. Big reading – no Zombies.


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