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Temecula, CA – Had I not spent time in the trenches going to ‘outreach events’, politicking, and cross-marketing, the charge of ‘Monday morning quarterbacking’ could be leveled at me for publishing an election critique. But as I said to Connie in Orange, “This isn’t my first revolution.”
Also I’d like to put my last hopefully, Mitt ‘My eyes aren’t red cause I smoked a doober’ Romney comments to bed, because the Republicans need help. They now make Abe Lincoln look like a liberal. Gone is the honor and common sense of the Grand Old Party, replaced by racial arrogance, scientific ignorance, and a twisted sense of entitlement, who in not appearing to oppose the prop on human trafficking seem a party of grey-faced pedophilic homophobes, who disdain working class seniors. Now if that’s what the GOP is now all about, then I say “Hooray, “ drop the cross and let’s get this party started. Otherwise give the Second Term Guy some play this four year round. This is America as Sandy ‘the Frankenstorm’ showed.

The tale of the second cross has to do with the opposition block of Prop 37. For some Christians and others with common sense who did the research and wonder ‘how could anyone vote AGAINST labeling your food fully when Monsanto is involved, sadly to say consult the old joke tagline, “Sometimes the bull, he wins”
All kidding aside, as a student of strategic theory of the 60/70s and past movements including civil rights, women’s rights, renter’s rights, and voter registration drives along with poll positions as a Demo and Repub (wow, guess I always have been political), here are my recommendations, short and sweet with a zing. I “kid because I love” – Krusty

As I cruised around LA, the ‘real OC’, and occasionally around T-Town (I’m becoming an ‘absentee’ local journalist, hence the preceding punk music story), what I saw was an absence of presence. ‘Honk and waves’ are fine but you’re not out on strike. Every volunteer needs to take a section of the city wherever other political signs are up and post a sign. Pick a spot toward the center, compose it like a snapshot, and replace the signage where needed. This can best be achieved by a foot or bicycle or unicycle preliminary drive-by. This trick is called the ‘illusion of numbers’. Remember, we are dealing with sheeple. They know it, you need to know it.
Second, recruit the youth. Most of the people that I worked with were not teenagers, or even twenty-somethings. For the ones that were over 30, again forget about ‘honk ‘n’ waves’. Leave that for the church circles to tackle, you are the front line, you must think outside the box. One meeting a week to discuss ideas, get supplies, and review progress is all the together time needed.
In your slice of city/town life, look to how you can affect the most people with the gifts and opportunities you have, also look to stretch. Not afraid to talk to people, check into speaking 5 minutes, then take questions, at the nearest high school (this is a process so find a mole to scout it out), your church, your club or facebook. If you have young friends, speak to them of the cause and enlist their aid. The youth are passionate and this whole fight is about them [and us]. Shy, look for a store you shop at and inquire about posting a sign. If the polls show 90% want labeling, odds are good that store locations, especially small business owners of organic shops in the tourist areas, should be plentiful. Again, more visibility is a plus. When the opposition started peppering the net and air waves with visual confusion, the masses initial positive response to labeling was replaced with the question of ‘is this the way to do it’ and the measure failed. This same tactic was used to defeat the Trojan horse measure in California for legalizing recreational marijuana. Think outside the box and be motivated by the nobility of the cause, saving a portion of humanity by starting ‘at home’.
Speaking of the future, recruiting the youth also means scouting out ‘All ages music events and events like Tustin Tiller Days. These events are better than ‘honk ‘n’ wave’ because they provide one-on-one contact with other vendors along with the general local populace. As we found out here in So Cali, useful free product handouts, from chips to ‘magic soap’ got notice and made friends. However, the 4,318,824 votes YES generated by the groundswell efforts were out-voiced by 4,874,736 no’s. Though 555,912 seems a lot of votes, it is a percentage difference of less than 1% of the YES votes received. How do you overcome registered voters who can be swayed?
The answer is simple. You register new voters. You can hold marathon voter registration drives or you can call in N.O.W. and other pro-voter participation organizations to do the hard work. You simply have to maintain a distance from them so as not to jeopardize their non-partisan stance. Consult a person you designate to know these rules, your Sgt.-at-arms.
Create a media presence on all social media, especially facebook, a pursuit for any in the group with such skills. This is another area where younger family members can be utilized to manage such sites [on the short term] to bill passage.
Area leaders and deputy leaders [stand-out volunteers], after organizing the members then need to cross-network causes on the college campuses, non-profit chambers, and senior villages evangelizing through facts about GMOs, free video showings with Q&A sessions, and to other cause groups that apply, i.e. Occupy, NORML, ASA, NAACP, JDL, CAIR, etc.
Public opinion is decided on rebuttal and good rebuttal keeps it current, to the point. An example: Increase in State Administrative Costs. This measure would result in additional state costs for DPH to regulate the labeling of GE foods, such as reviewing documents and performing periodic inspections to determine whether foods are actually being sold with the correct labels. Depending on how and the extent to which the department chooses to implement these regulations (such as how often it chose to inspect grocery stores), these costs could range from a few hundred thousand dollars to over $1 million annually.
Something like this is spun as improving the job market by adding inspector jobs with details of costs per and a possible grant available for funding [or a government department that can be scrapped]. Further rebuttal could include generalized health costs per family ten years ago vs. now.
To keep the big guys on defense, you run with the latest bad news for them. In this case it was the most winning moment against the ‘food science-pro GMO crew’ when the very recent French two-year study information showing tumor growth at 120 days where official studies end at 90 days. Other points of rebuttal should address exact points with counterpoints before adding extra to the message. Don’t ramble.
According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, proponents of the initiative, including California Right to Know, will now turn their efforts towards getting similar initiatives on the ballot in Washington and Oregon. The Ballotpedia webpage for Proposition 37 listed the California Democratic Party and the Green Party of California as supporters of the failed ballot initiative and the California Republican Party as being opposed to the initiative. That should give the pro ‘37’rs a place to start and who to watch out for. Fighting against change will be the usual suspects, Monsanto, E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co., DOW Agrisciences, Bayer Cropscience, BASF Plant Science, Syngenta Corporation, and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). Good Luck and God Speed, Food Warriors. 

UPDATE - It has come to the attention of this journalist that due to an unprecedented amount of early votes cast, this initiative is still in the running and still could pass due to the slim margin between the yes and no votes. A final count should be complete by the December deadline. Keep your fingers crossed, this horse race isn't over yet.

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