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Temecula, CA – I’m bummed. Monsatan won and 54% of the state’s children, families, and consumers lost the battle to stop eating foods that cause allergies, deficiencies, cancers, and failing health. Of course the medical industrial complex, charities, and money for ‘research’ will continue. But while the YES On 37 group lost, did they really lose? Monsanto didn’t win, they just continue as before, status quo.

So let’s look at one YES On 37 ‘loser’ [me], and see what was gained or won from this political contest.

I’ve known Monsanto was evil since the early 70s and their Agent Orange ‘defense’. Their recent ‘secret’ testing of GMO golden rice on 23 Chinese children done in accordance with the US Dept. of Agriculture shows the length and breadth of Monsanto’s tentacles [, 9/12/12]. Ready to be rolled out post election is Kellogg’s ‘Agent Orange’ cornflakes and the Frankenfish Salmon to be released into the wild.
From the political make-up of the voting public, I know that a majority of people in this country are selfishly passionateness due to racial views/opinions, see recent mainstream poll articles. In karmic ideology, ‘bad’ people get what they deserve, whether they recognize that aspect of life or not.

What did good people get?
First off, they got to know that there are others like themselves in the world. The people who backed YES On 37 are good people and the organizations that backed those good people deserve a hand and a vote with your wallet. This fight ain’t over; see the upcoming Why Ivory Soap No Longer Floats My Boat.
The ruckus raised by California’s attempt to rein in the poisoning of the population and the very recent grain import ban on US GMO seed feed will raise a stink sooner or later and the outside hope is that re-elected Bo will make good on his 2008 promise. Barring that aspect with a successful Monsanto squelch-down, the fight becomes an army of one, multiplied by the names that voted ‘YES’.
For me, the amount of nutritional information I learned is priceless. Already eliminated from my diet are things like refined sugar, non-retro Coke and Pepsi, most 99¢ store food items, snacks with corn, products containing soy, all toothpaste, shampoo, and soap, again see Why… Gone to are a majority of products made by the companies that contributed to the lies and deception of No On 37. I’d say all, but some of the companies, I don’t know what products they market. The matrix is expansive.
Say hello to looking for the Organic circle on products, the No-GMO label that graces some products voluntarily, and the Fair Trade seal; also shopping at Henry’s, Sprouts, and Mother’s when in OC. In LA, well, I trust her and the force to keep me safe there. The local Albertson’s and Von’s will see my footprint there diminish.
For me the education of homeopathic medicine has opened a door as the idiopathic medical industry is exposed for what it really offers a patient.

Congrats to all the election winners. As said before, Monsanto didn’t win, they just kept the status quo. Meanwhile, Mitt who?

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