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Temecula, CA – Several days ago this appeared in a news story about Sky Fall, the biggest Bond movie to date:
"I think that what they've done cleverly with Daniel Craig is that you get the sense that he is a blue-collar hero, but with this veneer of class around him. He's still wearing the suit, and he's learning how to wear the suit," says Paul Duncan, editor of "The James Bond Archives" by Taschen Books, out this month. "The action hero model in cinema changed in the '80s, so you get people like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the much more blue-collar heroes. But Bond remained the same. ... [The producers] have always gone back to Bond of the Ian Fleming novels each time they've rebooted, and I think that with Daniel Craig, they've given a much truer interpretation of what the novel Bond was originally.”

Ian Fleming would say, “Poppycock!!”

A few decades back the term ‘situation ethics’ came into vogue to explain how a person could be ‘good’ some to the time and then do something that was not so good. The term was a rationale for a certain behavior. Today in the press, the one millions read and follow, you have ‘reality situation ethics’. That is where reality is altered to fit your situation. Two very recent examples of this are the lead Bond story and Mitt Romney. Winners first.

Mr. Duncan, who has a book due out is altering history to boost his sales, I guess, or else he is just phoning it in on Bond as Fleming saw him. James Bond was no more a working class hero than Mitt Romney was.
Bond came from upper middle class roots, went to private prep schools, and was closer to a manly Fraser than a blue collar Bruce Willis. His airs weren’t feigned, they were there because he came from those roots. Bond knew wine, not PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon), and he was proud to order “shaken, not stirred.” In one assignment he was chosen because of his background, so either Mr. Duncan phoned it in, or he is pandering.

As for Mitt, here’s the lowdown, Bro.

Let’s look at your to-do list...this is one reason they did not vote you in:

Gays/LGBT - deny them the right to marry, reinstate DODT, clamp down on DOMA--CHECK
Women- defund Planned Parenthood, support states in stopping abortion rights—CHECK – Note: ALL ‘legal rape’ candidates lost! Akin lost his bacon. Woohoo!
Middle class- increase taxes $2000 per family --CHECK
Latinos- self deport, --CHECK
Education- cut funding for Pell grants and the entire Ed. Budget 40%-- CHECK
The poor - cut funding for Medicaid, welfare and food stamps --CHECK
The American workforce - support states in Union busting and a federal stance on eliminating the minimum wage – CHECK

Health care - repeal The Affordable Health Care Act -- CHECK
Senior Citizens - turn Medicare into a voucher system and destroy SS--CHECK
Military-add $2trillion to the budget , and evoke a preemptive strike against Iran--CHECK
Committee appointments -- Expand "Faith Based" Overlords to Chair all Committees-- CHECK
The wealthy, corporations and big business - give big tax breaks – CHECK

Oh wait; this was your plan all along. Well, ‘life is hard. It’s harder if you’re stupid.’ – John Wayne

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