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Temecula, CA – At the ripe young age of 67, I’ve seen my share of elections and election results. However, in all the years of anticipated results, none has more cataclysmic foreskin to hose the voter public than this Frankenweenie list of voter initiatives, possibly including the main two candidates for President. Regardless of who and what Props win, I can’t say enough about the grassroots volunteers and organizers behind YES On 37 – Label GMOs. As one ‘honk ‘n’ wave volunteer, a 7-8 grade art/English teacher, said yesterday to me up in the Newport Beach Mother’s Market, a blessing to the movement, unlike Whole Foods (boo, hiss), “I’m here (standing on this corner waving a sign) because I have seen what’s been happening to the students just the last 3-4 years.” She went on to name about 7 ailments that now have well-known fund-raising efforts “to help research a cure.”
“From what I have read, this is all because of a genetically modified food build-up in the kids.” – Tonya, ‘north’ Santa Ana

Once again by the numbers. They say food cost for a family up $400/year – LIE
In Europe the cost to food after labeling was .17%

The two pizzas ad as confusing. It is they who are trying to confuse the on-the-fence vote. One pizza is frozen and sold on the supermarket shelf and the other is a pizza sold/made fresh from a restaurant.

 GMO crops are more abundant – LIE
Listen here to a real farmer from Iowa at the 11:11 minute mark, [or see any of the videos in recent previous news stories on this topic].

Labeling not needed or will hurt small business/small farms – LIE
With 61 countries now labeling GMOs, Denmark, France, and Russia canceling ALL grain imports of GMO feed because of the results of a 2-year lab rat study, plus the transgenic contamination occurring from GMO pollen drift, labeling as an American right is called for and long overdue. They label in China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Don’t we deserve the same right as the people we are geo-politically opposed to? Get a clue! YES On Prop 37Label GMOs. Now officially endorsed by LA City Council (unanimously) and the Presbytery of St. Mark’s, Newport Beach, CA. Due to a 0ne Percent imposed news blackout in main stream media markets, news of both endorsements can ONLY be found here and through witnesses/activist organizations present.

Now let’s look over the rest of the statewide initiatives.

Prop 30 – Calls for a tax increase on income over $250,000 for 7 years and a general sales tax increase by 25 cents for four years. Estimated tax revenue which is to be used for schools across California is 6-9 billion. Demos – yea; Repugs – Nay. PT – no call.

Prop 31 NO on Prop 31. It locks in underfunding to education, health, and other services. Demos – Nay; Repugs - Yea
Prop 32 – This was the first prop that I heard an opinion about. From my Service Workers gig in Santa Ana, WOTS was ‘NO’. This correct analysis was validated by the report, “The Koch Brothers ($4,000,000 donors) and Karl Rove recently joined the Lincoln Club, Charlie Munger Jr. and a few other billionaires to BUY passage of Prop 32 in November. What Prop 32 really does is remove ‘worker/employee’ money out of politics and double down on the ability for corporations and the wealthy to buy their own private legislation.” Rick Jacobs, Huffington Post, 9/17. You’ve seen the signs, NO on prop 32 or suck Koch. Demos – Nay; Repugs – Yea
Prop 33NO on Prop 33. This is an auto insurance rate hike. Demos – Nay; Repugs – Yea
Prop 34 – Another controversial initiative. Again another petition that was at Occupy LA. This is for the repeal of the death penalty in California. Instead, those guilty would get their 20-year death sentence execution period extended to death by natural causes with free dental, health, cable, and exercise. Demos – Yea; Repugs – Nay; PT- NO
Prop 35 – Increases penalties for human trafficking. Demos – Yes; Repugs - ???, Lew Uhler (Riverside Co repug shill) initiative prop ABSENT from newsletter [and you wondered why they are called ‘repugs’ in recent years]; Richard Callahan Foothill Sentry – Yea; PT – YES
Prop 36 – Reforms the ‘3 Strike’ by refining the third strike. This much needed refinement is long overdue as both humane and cost-saving. Ditto the demography of Prop 35 exactly. YES
Prop 37Well duh, YES On 37Label GMOs, “You have the right to know!” Demos – Yea; Repugs – Nay
Prop 38NO
Similar to Prop 30, but the Munger initiative would raise income taxes on just about everyone. Demos – Nay; Repugs sans Callahan, no comment. Callahan – Nay.
Prop 39Adjusts taxes on multi-state corporations to fund clean energy programs. Demos – Yea; Repugs – Nay; PT – no call
 Prop 40 – A state district boundary initiative. Both parties want a ‘yes’ vote and one newsletter says ‘holds politicians accountable’, code words for a crony watchdog committee somewhere. PT – NO

Adios to Cisco and Poncho, the bookends for this GMO gonzo news series (All photos - Lien A.; chart - facebook activist)

Next – Election Blowback/The Political Wrap

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  1. Should try and do some research, Lew Uhler endorsed and vocalized support officially for 35 months ago. See his website . Thank you for providing further examples of your lack of research and insight.