Friday, November 16, 2012



Temecula, CA – In society, there have always been those in the thick of things and those who come after to talk up what others did before them, oft leaving out the original heroes to gleam some of the glory often on to themselves. Sometimes these Monday morning quarterbacks are well-meaning do-gooder types who are just trying to educate, but usually these talking heads are just riding in on the gravy train, clinging to the coattails of the foot soldiers. They are called four-flushers.

A case in point is this weekend’s Green Festival at the Los Angeles Convention Center, coming eleven days after the chance to put in a tremendous good word for Prop 37, the hard fought and hard lost [at press time] initiative to label GMO food.

The 2012, a product of Green America & Global Exchange promises a ‘holiday shop’ with over 300 ‘green businesses’, 125 ‘visionary’ speakers, hands-on workshops, green home products, family activities, green careers, an eco-fashion show, local organic food, organic beer and wine, cooking demos, live music and a kids zone. Tadasana yoga and movement is free all weekend with show entry.
Featured guest speakers will be Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Greg Palast, actor/entertainer/artists Edward James Olmos, Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife, Russell Simmons, John Robbins, Esai Morales, and law student Sandra Fluke.
My beef with this whole show is that it seems just what it is, a show. Where were these guys and gals two weeks ago when this show might have gotten more voters out to vote for Prop 37? Aside from Richard Simmons who does seem to be aware of all the causes by floating through (he floated through Occupy LA one day on the north stairs for an interview). Did any of these guys bust their asses the way John Diaz and his bunch did, or contribute blistering political artwork like labelgmoshollywood? I doubt it.
But now this weekend they are all here to ‘build green, help the planet, eat organic, and be inspired’. Breeding heart liberals always arrive after the cavalry.

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