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Temecula, CA - On October 23 2012 Greenpeace hosted a conference on the use of GE crops in the diet of live stock and in agriculture in Denmark. The following video is a recording of the presentation given by Ib Borup Pedersen and his experiences of a changeover to a non-GMO diet for his sows and piglets. More info on  or  (Danish)
See the full playlist of the conference here:

Meanwhile the ‘good guys’, the YES on 37, label GMOs bunch have finally released their own TV commercial to counter all the false ads confusing the voters. This report we show all the rebuttals and clear the air of false claims made by those who want to keep US fat, happy, and mutated full of cancer. Let’s start with the lie of an increased annual family food bill of $400, something a local Hindu Indian shop keeper said his family wasn’t worth by his words. When it was pointed out that labeling in Europe caused an actual price increase of .17% and still that price for safe food was rejected, let this man suffer the same fate as the fig tree in Mt. 21:19, for we are in the fight for our lives, our children’s lives and their children’s lives.

Now let's hear from a real farmer, up on a farm in Denmark.

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