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MAGIC SOAP MUCH BETTER THAN MAGIC PANTS* - The Dr. Bronner Classic Liquid Soap Review

Temecula, CA – Every religion has some feature that looks loony to an outsider. Non-Christians have pointed to the symbolic cannibalism and blood rituals, aka Communion, of Christianity as strange while non-Muslims wonder why the Kaaba is circled [counter-clockwise]. Once the hidden logic is revealed, it all makes sense or it should. So I hope no one takes offense at this story’s sub headline*. However, if you can accept ‘magic pants’ as a reality for some people, then you can accept others having ‘magic soap’. I can say this because I am one of those others. And the magic soap I refer to is Dr. Bronner’s 1-5-0 year old formula. (Hint) 150 years goes back farther than 1937**.

While I give sheeple a ration of dog poop, I was a sheeple once, and like all middle class sheeple in the herd, me and my ‘rents used Ivory Soap, “so pure that it floats” [and is also white].

This is America and you can’t knock a successful marketing ploy. That’s what built this country; just witness the spread of Western Civilization around the globe. Ivory did float and I’m sure still does. What they don’t tell you is Ivory floats because the soap is whipped creating tiny air pockets within the soap bar that make it buoyant. In fact, you get less soap. Bazinga!

Between then and now my various soap brands came and went based on fragrance, premium add-on in cologne box sets, and finally price, bless the 99¢ Store. Working with John Diaz on Prop 37 brought me in contact with the Doc’s magic soap during our petition drive turn-in at Norwalk. It was there that I picked up a 4 fl. oz. bottle of the 18-in-1 Hemp** Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap. The slightly over 4” bottle body is wrapped by a slightly over 3 ½” blue and white label. This label is packed with blue and white fonts against the opposing contrast background color, all various font sizes, in such a configuration that reading the label with a magnifying glass would not be out of the ordinary.
Packed among quasi Judeo/Christian ‘new age’ slogans and metaphors are the words ‘certified fair trade’, ‘100% post consumer recycled plastic bottle’, ‘made in USA’, ‘100% bio-degradable’, ‘not animal tested’ and ‘no detergents’. So let’s not concern ourselves with how the soap magic works beyond the list of ingredients and just take this baby out for a test drive, which is what I’ve done.

Like anything magical, you can’t take it all in at once. The magic soap comes in a number of varieties, aka fragrances. Peppermint, already mentioned, is joined by Lavender, Rose (my mother’s name), Citrus Orange, Almond, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree (recommended highly for pets), plus Unscented (non-allergenic). During our Prop 37 political events, bottles of the 2 fl. oz. size were handed out as samples.
After first watching John dry brush his teeth in the truck between speaking events using a sample bottle, some research led me to ditching the Tom’s no-fluoride brand of toothpaste. I have also stopped using any type of commercial shampoo and the reason is simple. The ingredients in Dr. Bronner’s soap list for the 150 year old soap contains no phosphates, no detergents, no sulfides, and no multi-syllable chemical compound or any FD&C colors of any sort.
Using Dr. Bronner’s as a body/facial cleanser is also a little different. Not a bar soap, what you want to do is either wet your washrag then apply a few [10-20] drops of the liquid soap to the rag and wash, or wet your face/body and apply like an oil, working up a lather. According to a market survey I conducted, Dr. Bronner’s lathers where other liquid organic soaps don’t. You may have to rinse and re-lather for your lower torso if you are particularly oily or have gone a day or two in the trenches, but it’s worth it. The soap rinses clean with no soap film or heavy scent left behind to clog pores.
My skin feels so much better after a shower now, almost like the Jergens Lotion feeling but without the gunk. Between showers my face doesn’t get as oily as before because the soap isn’t stripping my skin of any natural oil. Like the label says, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap doesn’t cut through dirt, ‘it melts it’. The usual dry skin winter ‘ash’ that you see on your skin has disappeared since using Magic Soap. I also haven’t felt a need for any conditioner on my hair since shampooing with Magic Soap.
At present I’m letting a Magic Soap solution melt away the crud inside my bong.

Along with Prop 37 changing my nutritional habits, my general cleanliness now feels closer to God since no chemicals, detergents, phosphates, or sulfides coat my skin, but anything magic comes with a warning. Like almost all soap, getting some in your eyes will burn. Magic Soap is no exception but a quick rinse and all burning stops instantly, unlike regular soap which takes multiple rinses to stop the burn.

In short, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap has simplified my trip packing and life in the trenches by reducing my personal care footprint by 66%. For further info on this old-time revolutionary product that is promoted by word of mouth and causes supported by the family, plus products available, click here. For all my valley readers, Dr. Bronner is a ‘local’. The plant and family are both located in Escondido, CA.
Handing out samples of  Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap and the GMO 411

End of Part 1 – Next, The Enemies List/The Ballot Is Over But The Buck Plays On

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