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Temecula, CA – There is a school of thought that believes Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein isn’t completely a work of fiction but rather an actual account of a Jewish scientist’s attempt to make a golem. The Golem is a creature from Jewish folklore which was a clay figure animated by a holy man. It was generally unable to speak, lacked a soul, and followed orders like an automaton. This scientist attempted to ‘play God’ by modifying a religious/magic rite into a scientific phenomena. The goal of the scientist, a devout atheist; to prove he was God, automatically disproving the existence of God. The experiment failed causing a loss of life in the tiny village the scientist lived in and the ‘creature’ was killed. Mary Shelley, on a trip through the area by stagecoach, heard the story from an innkeeper and ‘fictionalized’ it.  

As promised and noted here in the Calendar another GMO [Genetically Manipulated Organisms] food source was rubber-stamped by the Monsanto controlled FDA. Of course, though this FDA policy was itself rubber-stamped through by the walking headshot VP Dan Quayle (‘92), it will be Obama who gets all the credit from racist and non-racist [is there such a thing?] t-baggers and me for pointing this little detail out. The photo at the end of the story is a clue to my real political leanings, espoused more in Memoirs.

‘Only yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration made it public news that, despite several complaints filed by concerned citizens, it is their belief that the so-called Frankenfish salmon (i.e. a genetically modified fish) stands very little chances of harming the country's natural ecosystems or of negatively impacting on public health.
This Frankenfish is “officially” referred to as the AquaAdvantage salmon, and was developed by a company named Aquabounty. What sets it apart from its run-of-the-mill and not genetically modified fellow salmons is the fact that it grows roughly twice as fast as the latter.
Naturally, this feature poses significant advantages, at least as far as sustainability and avoiding a climate change-driven food crisis go, sources explain.

However, there are some who claim that toying with wildlife by means of genetic engineering can only end badly, and that, should the AquaAdvantage salmon somehow escape out of its designated areas and start breeding in wild habitats, it will cause the natural salmon population to become extinct.
On the other hand, others claim that eating such Frankenfish might lead to people's becoming more sensitive to their surrounding and developing allergies ever more often.

However, the US Food and Drug administration maintains that, according to their investigations concerning both the AquaAdvantage salmon and Aquabounty, the company which created it, the Frankenfish can safely be eaten and is highly unlikely to harm the environment.

“In summary, the evidence collected and evaluated by FDA indicates that the development, production, grow-out and human consumption of AquAdvantage Salmon under the conditions proposed in the materials submitted by the sponsor in support of an NADA, and as described in this draft EA, would not result in significant effects on quality of the human environment in the United States,” reads their report on this matter.

The general public has 60, 58 days at its disposal to comment on this report. After this, the US Food and Drug Administration will decide whether or not this Frankenfish will eventually be marketed in the US.’

Speak out, folks because now is your chance.

Now the skinny on ‘playing Mother Nature’ courtesy of Emily Main, Rodale News.

‘The agency completed its environmental impact statement on the fish and sent it to the White House along with "a written a document supportive of its commercialization on the U.S. market," Talking Points reports. But the findings weren't released to the public, says Colin O'Neil, regulatory policy analyst for the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit that opposes genetic modification. "One of the biggest problems most people have with internal review at the White House is that we don't know what they're considering," he says. "And last year, FDA said that a minimal environmental review would be sufficient." That's bad news, considering all the havoc genetically engineered fish could wreak on the environment and human health.
More than 80 percent of the world's fish stocks have been so overharvested, they qualify as either depleted, threatened, or endangered, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and genetically engineered salmon was "invented" as a way to counteract the damages associated with the public's rising demand for healthy seafood. Well-intentioned as that may sound, man-made fish will neither solve the environmental problems associated with overfishing, nor will it ever offer the public a healthier alternative to what was created by God/Mother Nature.

AquaBounty's "AquAdvantage" salmon will be raised in fish farms that, even when raising native breeds, cause significant environmental damage. They essentially operate as underwater factory farms, with thousands of fish swimming in their own waste, which in turn requires high doses of antibiotics. The fish are prone to escape, and when they do, they compete with wild fish for food, and they breed with those fish, slowly rendering wild fish populations extinct (fish farms raising farmed Atlantic salmon have already decimated wild Atlantic salmon stocks). Though AquaBounty claims that its fish are sterile, the company's own documents show that as much as 5 percent of the GMO fish fertile and could reproduce if the fertile specimens escape, says O'Neil. And once you let a genetically modified fish into the wild, there's no recalling those man-made genetic creations.
The fish are also genetically engineered to grow 30 times faster than a regular salmon and, as such, they eat more. It already takes four pounds of wild fish to feed a pound of farmed fish, and their rapid growth rate will likely require more than that (so much for solving the problem of overfishing).
These fish are also less healthy than wild Alaskan salmon or even farmed Atlantic salmon. The few studies that have been done on these genetically engineered fish have shown that they contain lower levels of heart- and brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than either form of regular salmon. These fish are also notably deficient in certain vitamins, O'Neil adds. There's also a great deal of concern that genetically modifying salmon could increase the incidence of seafood allergies among the public.’

So you see folks, you won’t keel over from eating frankenfish, it will just increase your suffering and they will have a prescription med to relieve the symtoms. Just the kind of torment the Devil likes to inflict on humanity, or don’t they teach that stuff in Church anymore?

And now to answer my voting question:
 (All emphasis - Ed)

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