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Temecula, CA – In an email from Jennifer Marquez-Muniz, who with Xonia Villanueva, started the petition "CNW asks Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) to test homes in and around Autumnwood Development, Wildomar CA.," comes this urgent plea to Occupy Your Own Health in Autumnwood this Saturday in front of the Oak Creek Center (McDonald's & Albertson's shopping center) after being blown off by the DTSC.

“If you want ACTION, ANSWERS, JUSTICE, & SOLUTIONS that address the contamination, illness/death, and financial interest of all the homeowners that live in Autumnwood, then we need all the Concerned Neighbors of Wildomar and ALL the residents of Autumnwood to picket along the sidewalk off Clinton Keith Road in front of Oak Creek Center for a RALLY/DEMONSTRATION on Saturday, December 15, 2012, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm,” came the urgent request.

Yes Sport Fans, hardly a week goes by that this reporter doesn’t see the still reverberating shock waves of the Occupy/Prop 37 Label GMO Movement awaken sleeping citizens from their American Dream of a caring loyal Federal Government watching over them, protecting them and their food supply. An army of women, mostly mothers and grandmothers have joined with their politically aware fellow anti-globalists in fighting back before the third and final Federal financial fleecing of the populace really does turn us all into subjects, unable to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. For more on this, see the upcoming Memoirs and the story, The Day The Pig Got Poked/When The Real Goldfinger Went Up Ur Ass.

As with the grandmother who started the Label GMO movement which led to Prop 37, it is the women of the country and of the world who are standing up to the old out-dated, loose-lipped, ‘legal rape’ mindset of male authority. In this report from confronting the Obama Administration about labeling we hear:

'On October 31, Obama Administration Cabinet Secretary Christopher Lu visited the University of Pennsylvania for an event titled “Moving America Forward,” which was attended and organized by a diverse group of student organizations. One student was able ask Lu a question about genetically modified foods, one that may shed light on the Obama Administration’s stance on GMOs going forward.
The student, who is a member of the group GMO Free USA on Facebook, said that she approached Lu after his talk and posed the question of whether Obama would finally act on his promise regarding GMOs if he were to be reelected a week later, which of course came true. According to Lu, Obama is still for GMO labeling but hasn’t gotten around to addressing the problem yet.

He told the student that he is “passionate” about the promise to label GMOs he made on the campaign trail, and that he respects peoples’ “Right to Know,” the slogan that of course took center stage in the pro-GMO labeling campaign in California this month (one that was defeated with nearly $50 million worth of lies from the nation’s biggest pesticide/GMO and junk food companies).

Lu said that the situation is taking time because it’s a “complicated process” and they are still in the middle of figuring out the “science behind labeling,” since GMOs are so widespread. For example, they are in corn products where they’re essentially omnipresent in the United States, which produces mass volumes of corn. Ultimately, it’s the people’s right, Lu assured, and they’re working on it.

I think we all know what that means. While it’s a nice to hear from Lu that the Obama Administration is supposedly taking GMO concerns seriously, it’s hard to trust them at this point after the dubious appointments of Taylor and Vilsack, two ex- Monsanto bigwigs.
The GMO issue is getting out of hand and time is of the essence, yet Obama and co. continue to drag their feet on what should be a simple item. Over 90% of people say they want GMOs labeled according to national polls and the movement is clearly strong both here and abroad.

Michelle Obama’s organic garden won’t be able to feed the United States when virtually all of the crops (apples, spinach, wheat and even “Agent Orange corn” are all said to be in development or simply awaiting approval) become genetically modified. And instead of at least taking a recent French study showing tumors in rats fed GM corn seriously enough to finally order long term testing, the Obama Administration and his appointed Monsanto shills have merely turned a blind eye yet again.
Perhaps Obama and co. are merely stalling in order to sneak more varieties in, making co-existence virtually impossible. With Monsanto so firmly entrenched in government that seems to be quite possible.'

Remember also that Monsanto’s reach is into more than your stomach. Monsanto controls everything toxic so you can't afford to miss this RALLY/DEMONSTRATION, on Saturday, December 15, 2012, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm address the contamination, illness/death, and financial interest of all Wildomar. Stand with the Concerned Neighbors of Wildomar and ALL the residents of Autumnwood against the uninterested, but highly paid with public funds, DTSC. Please email Jennifer with your RSVP on her facebook and sign the CNW petition here.

Now let’s hear from some eye witnesses, and remember folks, these home are new and in a very nice area of Wildomar, this publication stands for the rights of all individuals, the downtrodden and the well-heeled, against the encroachment and enslavement by the oligarchy.

“I live in one of these homes in Autumnwood along with 5 people. Some of my neighbors have died; others got sick and had to move out of their homes. We need government agencies to get involved and test our homes, clean up if necessary. We live in constant fear of the future, please do something.....” - Abed Elhajj, Wildomar

“My children and grandchildren live on that street and my son has been ill and my daughter-in-law has migraines” - Christy Waller, Wildomar

“I have 2 young kids who played in that soil. I won't let them now until I know it's safe. Before I bought a home here I should have been told that this area was once used as a dumping source. My neighbor’s wife died and it's believed to be linked to his soil which has a high concentration of contaminates" - Erica Zyskowski, Autumnwood  

“This is important to me because I have 2 kids who play in the back yard around this possible toxic environment. Also since I’ve moved here I’ve had an increase in nosebleeds and started getting headaches which I used to never get” - Joshua Zyskowski, Autumnwood

(All emphasis – Ed)

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  1. It has been 4 years living in this community. We have had symptoms of sinus pressure, pain,sensitivity, headache, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, stomach pains and body aches. What a coinsidence this is. Now knowing what may be causing this, we left our home. It has been 4 weeks and our symptoms have subsided. What effects has it done to us already? Our kids? Our pets? We are fighting for help!! We need answers!!!! Speak up, this is not something to ignore.