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Hello underground music fans, Catter here. Since PT Rothschild is giving me a hand on starting my show by use of his CD library from all the music shows he has attended as part of Local Punks, Full Value Entertainment*, Java Joz, Cuppy’s, The Alley [Fullerton], French Valley Theatre, and The Vault Concerts, plus assorted side shows that he has attended, I thought I would return the favor by doing an interview here in my studio about his book release on December 21, 2012 . This is the written text of that interview.

DJ Catter: First off, why 12-21-2012 for the release date?

PT Rothschild: At first the ‘doomsday date’ was a deadline to have the book released by. When first realizing that I had to format and layout the entire publication, something that I had never done before, it seemed very daunting. Several times after almost having the finished product, a layout that looked professional, another technical problem would surface and I would have to figure out how to solve that issue. I did not want to go over that date and release the book in 2013. The closer 12/21/12 got the more stressful I got until I thought to embrace the ‘doomsday date’ as a plus instead of a deadline. You can’t let a good doomsday go to waste.

DJC: OK, that’s the end, let’s go back to the beginning. What made you want to write this book?

PTR: Well, believe it or not, I quit smoking weed in 2001. Just stopped cold turkey because the hook-up process had gotten so unprofessional. I was riding my bicycle over to this one dude’s house and there was so much drama going on. Sometimes the sack was over and sometimes under. I said to myself, ‘this is bullshit’ plus I was spotting weed for others to get kick downs. So I stopped smoking.
The very first day I started to notice differences in my mind and body. I was just thinking of doing a column somewhere. These new feelings and fresh sensations were something that I thought other pot smokers might want to know about, or remember if they had also quit. I thought of doing the article freelance but it occurred to me, why would anyone believe what I said or wrote? I had no Ph.D or notoriety behind my name.
To establish that I knew what I was talking about concerning weed, I had to tell my story from the beginning so people would believe the end and what I was saying. The first nineteen chapters are all still original.

DJC: How many chapters are there, or were there?

PTR: There are twenty chapters. When I first wrote the manuscript in 2001, I wrote the 20 chapters in six weeks.

DJC: Wow! That seems fast.

PTR: Yeah, and I thought I was done. For a while I thought about serializing it over weeks to build up circulation on the Full Value Review but at the last minute, a little voice said ‘hold off’. That was around 2006. In 2009 I copyrighted the manuscript and tried to market it to agents and some publishing houses, but got frustrated with the usual rejections. Again I put the ‘finished’ work back on the shelf after updating chapter 20, the wrap-up chapter.

DJC: What happened?

PTR: Occupy Los Angeles.

DJC: You covered that scene from the inside. I read some of your reporting from LA.

PTR: Yeah, it was intense and awesome, magical in its own way. Very magical. Occupy is still going on through resisting foreclosure events, feeding Sandy victims, running debt forgiveness programs, black Friday protests, etc, but you don’t hear a thing in the news about any of that. We live inside the ‘Death Star’. But all that is about to change.

DJC: What do you mean?

PTR: Participating in Occupy LA was a very special calling and the people who took part had their eyes opened. I write about politics and it is not hard to really see what is happening if you don’t watch TV. Going to OLA allowed me to see that a ton of people see the political world exactly as I do, chem trails, GMOs, the Federal Reserve, and a host of other causes. I taught and I learned, and I expanded my existence. I grew, at 66 fucking years old, I grew. Your radio station program information is part of that LA growth.

DJC: Yes, thank you.

PTR: Just kiss the ring and rise, ha ha. When I realized that publishing the book was back on the table it was time to rewrite the last chapter again. This summer, almost like when I first wrote it, the words just seemed to come to me. This time the ideas, the philosophy, the filler, became metaphysical in a way that explained the previous nineteen which end with my last marriage to the witch and coming to California.
As I wrote my memoirs back in 2001, I knew that at some point the reader would be treated to situations that seem more like fiction so I made every effort to explain the phenomena or at least cite an historical reference. In a strange way, the epiphany of Chapter 20 explained my ‘road less taken’ life to me as well.
Although it isn’t mentioned in the book, the idea of this being the ‘last days’ has been with me since I was 13. Before I did any formal Bible study, I used to read articles about bible prophecies and the future, and continue the research and examination right up to the present. This summer and again in the fall, I had an epiphany that opened doors of knowledge and discernment about the country’s future, an example of which is hinted at through the advance back cover photo below. I wrote it all down to tie everything together, which was always the intent of my Chapter 20. I credit Occupy LA as the key that led to Chapter 20 in its present telling.
Thanks Catter, for having me on.

DJC: Thank you for coming. 

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green rear cover photo

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