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Temecula, CA – Bang the drum loudly to take away the subjects’, er, citizens’ guns. The news story opin report is going to please some readers and piss off others. Neither is my intention. My aim is to look through the histrionics at the ‘teaching moment’ here, because if you have followed my reporting objective of showing that the world is NOT as taught by the status quo. Status quo says that ‘guns kill people’, however that statement is not true. It is only a slogan for a means to an end, and that end is to turn the populace into being defenseless against the government, the same government that every day makes unconstitutional laws to ‘thin the herd’ and caw-taw the rest.

What do I mean? The government has stripped the populace of their gold, silver (precious metals), their collective wealth stored in equity (housing collapse of 2008), poisoned natural resources (chem trails, depleted uranium, fracking, oil/chemical spills, added fluoride) so now we (I) buy bottled water, and read food product labels (Dan Quayle stops FDA testing of GMO/1992). The fact that the government makes pot illegal, a ‘drug’ that makes everyone happy aka stoned (majority opinion), to monopolize the market and get in collusion with Big Pharma/Big Biotech, then issue the release of drugs like Prozac as legal to people who are already having metal problems is an accident waiting to happen. And as a teary-eyed (rapid blinking) President said yesterday, this type of tragedy has happened way too often. [Four times so far on his watch]
Statistically more people per capita owned guns in 1900 than in 2000. Then modern style shootings and mass killings only happened against other races/savages, not against each other/family members. So if gun ownership stats have gone down per capita but killings have gone up, what could be the cause? This reporter offers two rationales, one physical and one metaphysical, both will never be discussed in the official press I’m betting.
The real reason ‘physically’ for the Connecticut massacre isn’t the guns used but the prescription meds the young man was taking then stopped. The same pattern occurred in the Virginia Tech shootings. Death by Pre-Meds (prescription medications) is a technique perfected by the CIA and portrayed in the Manchurian Candidate original movie starring Frank Sinatra. The original movie was ‘buried’ for 30 years. These mass shootings seem politically directed to bring about gun control, but in really, mass killings of children, the world’s last innocence, has been happening in other countries more than here, cough Norway. The link of prescription drugs, either to deaden or as a side effect, in modern killings is easy to research but no mainstream news rag will make the effort. They’re owned. We’re not. Check it yourself. The internet link to news and cross-fact checking is open to all who are aware.

The metaphysical is solely my call but is based on, you guessed it, the Bible. Also in the book of Daniel is the idea of countries/nations as a single entity, a single personality, as if all the people could meld into a giant figure. The consul to this giant country persona was an angel. Each country has a virtue angel or maybe a host (few) of them. Daniel prays and after a bit the angel of the Lord comes and tells him that he heard and accepted Daniel’s prayer early in his fast but the angel was tied up with these other country/nation advising angels.

The notion of karma simply put is for every dent you put in the universe, the universe pops that dent out and hits you in the nose. Since that is the case, let us look at the three trouble spots happening right now based on the Sodom & Gomorrah-angels deliver wrath/vengeance/karma.
 Israel – warned to never forget how it is to be a foreigner or suffer vengeance, the post New Testament first 300 years find the Jewish and Palestinian rabbis rejecting/questioning Jesus’ birth while Christians and magicians were healing people in the name of Jesus Christ (Source- ‘Jesus The Magician, Morton Smith, PhD. Hebrew University, Th.D Harvard). The Muslims also bring their bad ju-ju to the mix by grafting themselves onto the Christian tree of Jesus and changing the Bible retelling.
Afghanistan – 40 years+ of war on a peaceful, rural people, who roam areas as warlords, accept bribes, grow opium for heroin, flash mobs who burn/throw acid and have a rampant culture of bacha bazi makes you think that perhaps these ‘simple folk’ are being punished karmatically. It’s the old couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch Hollywood gag line.
America – launching the next ‘arms race’ via Drone Wars with every major power building their own drones, thousands of civilian ‘collateral damage’ [families] and ‘future insurgents’ [tweens-mid teens mostly] casualties have also been caused by our War on Terror, started on Bush, Jr.’s watch.
When the assassination of JFK occurred, like Princess Di, the world mourned. Leader after leader called or communicated their condolences, but it was the widow of a slain African rising political star taken out by the CIA, who said perhaps the most telling reveal. In that old time slang of yesteryear, she remarked, “its chickens coming home to roost.”

In our drone-fed, push button war on terror video game, the ‘terror’ from our war has come home to roost induced by legal prescription anti-depressants. It remains to be seen whether any light will be shined in that corner. Take away the guns and these nuts will build bombs. On the same day a man in China attacked a class of kids, with a knife. None were killed but the whole class will have a permanent scar body-wise and mind-wise. Meanwhile, to all the people who died, RIP. To all the littlest angels, blessed be your return to the Well of Souls. To the town, may the Lord send His Comforter to allow bearing a wound that will never be forgotten. To the rest of us the world over, this is truly the time of ‘great evil’, may the Lord in Heaven have mercy on us all. Amen

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