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Temecula, CA – We start this citizen journal report with a question. What does the picture at right have to do with Temecula and two of its ex-residents? Clue: Newport Beach.

Some of you may have noticed that the ‘Top Five Posts in the Last 7 Days’ changes to show an older post sometimes, particularly the final story written in the ‘From Victim To Verdict’ series about beloved singer/songwriter Elizabeth ‘Bipsy’ Amirian titled ‘…Killer Sentenced Today’.
While I was away at the OccupyLA/Prop 37 campaigns, a TV show was produced called Unholy Matrimony. Each time the show airs, the Calendar story gets a huge uptick and returns to the Top 5 countdown like a bullet. As I write this year-end report, Bipsy and the story of her killer’s sentencing is once again at the top of the heap, much like the late singer herself.

My cousin Kenny welcomed his first grandbaby this fall, a little girl that he named after his mother, Mena. We at the Calendar, well me since I am the only one who knows him, welcome this latest addition to the family legacy that started about 20 years ago with my first grandchild, Peter.
My youngest son, Jaryn, who lived here with me in the valley for a year during the Java Joz zenith, turned 21 this Pearl Harbor Day. His mother, my ex-wife, has remarried and I wish her all the best with her new husband.

The recount of Prop 37 votes, witnessed by me over several days up in Santa Ana, looks to be finalized as a ‘win’ for Monsanto and a loss for the people. However, we the people can still vote with our fiat currency and boycott the companies/products that don’t hold our health dearer than our dollars. Fuck ‘em.

The sickening of people/families in the Autumnwood Villas development of Wildormar was exposed with clues to help widen the proposed 'at least three homes' soil/air quality testing to be done by the state. Can you afford your bureaucrats who are paid to safeguard your families' health? Corporations and corruption can.

The issue of marijuana, Mary Jane, came full circle with the quasi-legalization of recreational pot in Colorado and Washington (state). So far, at press time and probably due to the slaughter of Innocents in Connecticut because of psych meds (i.e. Prozac), the government has shifted its effort on persecution of medical marijuana patients to fleecing the general populace of their small arms weaponry. Only Ron Paul, a few public comments, and I share this view.
In other pot news my long awaited, long promised magnum opus flushed from my brain when I quit smoking the good weed eleven years ago, was officially released on Doomsday (December 21, 2012) with an apocalyptic rewritten Occupy LA influenced brand new Chapter 20. The blurb below offers a glimpse into the chapter that follows “a drug-fueled, pornographic autobiography” with a last chapter that “flips the pancake.” – Jeff Bradford, OLA
"What is in store for America? Or for the world at large? The answers are in plain sight if you stop to look at what is happening around you. Forget everything you ever learned and start from Thor's Day, or Thursday as it is called now as I write this introduction; the day Eve and the Serpent had their pedigrees read to them by God [Gen 3:14-16 KJV]. Discover the true secret behind cannabis, the shocker that goes far beyond the mere Bible connection. Learn the role of pot vs. the fate of the empire now!"
Now like a band that puts out their first album, it’s time for this reporter turned author to tour in promotion of the book. Hopefully, like in the days of heroes, there will be ‘temple maidens’ to help with the journey as a buzz for the work is generated. This is Hollywood after all. Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is available on Amazon and here.

And speaking of touring, the rumors of The Stones being at Coachella this year are just that at press time, rumors. However, if The Stones do go on a tour in 2013, Coachella, if they play that venue, will only be one of their tour stops.  

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