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Temecula, CA – Welcome to this weekend edition. There is a lot going on in the hood. For those of you who take the Chinese Daily newspaper, you may think that the sub-headline refers to home girl and T-Town hottie, Katy Perry (Hudson) whose picture graced their front page a couple of days ago. It isn’t. Katy is #2.
I also have an update on the trending story, …Fungus In Autumnwood concerning the DTSC’s decision on whether or not to test for illness culprits coming up this weekend update.
For all those folks who have read the term LLWAP and wondered just what that means exactly, there is an update for finding the definition,
And lastly, for those who would like to get Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green on my late mother’s birthday 3 days before its announced Doomsday release on December, 21, 2012, that’s here too.

First off, the election isn’t over despite Mitt going ‘back to work’ on the board at Marriott International Inc. which is based in Bethesda, Md. Romney has been connected to the Marriott dynasty all of his life. He was named after J.W. Marriott. Romney's full name is Willard Mitt Romney and Marriott's was John Willard Marriott. Marriott, who founded the company in 1927, was close friends with Romney's father. Willard as a man’s name was once as popular as ‘Marion’ for men.
Sources close to Romney’s month-long California seclusion reveal that the presidential loss was a monumental blow to the whole family, who religiously believed that Mitt was born to be President. Ann, his wife born in ’49, was inconsolable and suffered a nervous breakdown, hence the staged kitchen photo op with Mitt’s JBF hair, the Boston Market Thanksgiving, and Mitt pumping his own gas. When your wife is suffering a nervous breakdown, you want no one else to know, and that includes the help. Also to the person having the breakdown you are the only person who can talk to them. The pictures all have the look of a man walking his wife through one. Therefore, though it is tracking well, I am pulling the Mitt de la Senda story. I won’t kick a man when he’s down. By the time you read this, that story will be history. Here’s hoping for a better Mitt and Mrs. tomorrow.

In other election news, with 100% of the precincts reporting, Prop 37 was defeated by 378,584 ‘no’ votes, a total of less than 1% [6,365,236 vs. 5,986,652] but what is more telling is the layout of ‘yes’ counties. Go here for interactive map.

A department with less compassion is the DSTC who met two days ago with the Wildomar City Mayor Ben Benoit. At this meeting the DTSC came to the conclusion that they did not have enough information to determine whether or not they will test the homes. It is of the utmost importance to continue to receive signatures so that DTSC will be proactive to the issue of toxic chemicals being present in the soil of the homes in and around Autumnwood.
“People's lives are worth saving! If these home [issues] go unaddressed it is very possible that another life can be lost in the process. Concerned Neighbors of Wildomar are attempting to prevent this tragedy from occurring. You can as well by continuing to ask friends and family to please sign the petition.” - Jennifer Marquez-Muniz

For those of you who have read the word LLWAP and wondered what the reference is/was, your curiosity can be sated by reading a copy of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, due out on December 21, 2012. However you can be one of a select few that gets access to the ‘before Doomsday’ release. Details are all the end of the story.
So who is the hottest bitch in town right now? Well it’s not the woman who just opened her 42th store outlet, the newest being in Mecca for the ‘westernized fashion conscience’ Muslim girls, Paris Hilton. The one ‘woman’ that trending right now is My Girl, Mary Jane Green.
In stories trending right now, there is a story about what the Feds are going to do about the two states that legalized it; there is a story about what the mayor of Los Angeles is going to do about legalizing pot; and there is a story about whether you ever get too old to smoke pot. Two polls are running and both are heavily against any government intervention over state’s rights, but this just in: one of the reasons for the government prohibition, as revealed in Chapter 20 (“Flips the pancake” – Jeff Bradford, Occupy Los Angeles) I’ll reveal here with a picture clue next.

Today also is the 21st birthday of my youngest son, Jaryn, who lived a year out here in T-Town/Murrieta and had a few adventures himself. The photo at the story end is one Jaryn captured on my camera phone while he was here. The photo was published by Neighbors magazine several years back.
And finally, how do you get access to the early release of Memoirs? On December 18th, 2012, the front cover image will go out to those who follow in my twitter flock [/ptrothschild], followed by the details of where to purchase. Stay tuned here because plans are in to start a book twitter feed that would also get the news. This is a developing story…

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