Thursday, December 27, 2012



Temecula, CA – As we drift through this in-between time heading to New Year’s Eve and the end of this year’s holiday season, some friends and I went over to the yearly, newly expanded ‘Bainbridge Falls’ synchronized multi-house music/light display located in a unincorporated housing tract between Temecula, Murrieta, and French Valley between Willows and Nicolas Road.

The original circle court neighborhood programmed display has now expanded to include the first block/both street sides, through the intersection opposite the circle court entrance. Able to be seen by hundreds of people who reside above the wired neighborhood, I was not prepared for the Christmas trek destination this year as it brought a lump to my throat.

Tuning the car radio to 88.5 FM as soon as we turned onto Willows and N. General Kearney, the soundtrack to Bainbridge Falls’ Disneyland-style Christmas display came on the dial. Spouting both traditional and contemporary holiday tunage we sat in a line of traffic edging ever slowly to where the lights danced in rhythm to the tempo of the music.

The brainchild of a Christian engineer who shares a Bible study with a mole’s mom, there was a time when the Calendar first reported this local story that you could park your ride in the neighborhood, staying toasty inside your car/truck, as you watched the total soundtrack play down the corridor of homes. A sometimes steady line of looky-Lous would periodically pass as a walking family of bystanders might walk by.  

Now, this night in the greatest light display this side of Coachella, we inched along as throngs of pedestrians moved in a style similar to Disneyland creating a ‘magic moment’ of the kind I often describe to my associates who reside outside the valley. For a picture of Bainbridge Falls, an obvious reference to It’s a Wonderful Life, check out the latest issue of Valley News, available around the valley at various merchant drop-off points. 

If you are new to the area or new to this spectacular Christmas spectacle, don’t tarry [be a lag wagon] for the lights go out Dec. 31st, 2012.   

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