Thursday, January 3, 2013



HAPPY NEW YEAR from DJ Catter. My friend PT is busy promoting his just released Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, available on Amazon and Createspace. However, I was able to catch up with him for a quick New Year’s Eve chat.
DJ Catter: Hello PT. How are you feeling this fine evening?
PT Rothschild: Excited! I haven’t felt this sense of excitement since I was in advertising back in Indianapolis. But this is way more fun. I’m advertising my product, not promoting some client’s. The radio show is coming up, I’m still sending out personal notices – dude, I didn’t know that I knew so many people. Then there’s the upcoming LA NORML fundraiser. Plus I came up with my next book project, so whew!

DJ: Next book project? WTF? You haven’t even started this one off the ground. Isn’t that a bit ambitious for an old guy like you?
PT: Coronel Sanders started his chicken shack empire when he was 65, so don’t give me any shit. Besides, I’m not writing this one, I’m narrating.
DJ: Narrating??
PT: Yep-per. The idea hit me when I woke up the other morning. I’m going to tell the story of the Temecula (and Murrieta) underground music scene by having the main players write their own stories. They get about a year to put it together. I’ve already talked to Ivan (Promotions/TheVaultConcerts) and he’s on board, plus I have someone who volunteered to write the foreword, a person who actually worked at Java Joz.
DJ: Let me get this straight. People in the scene are going to write the book?
PT: Sort of. As proposed, the work will have ten chapters, each to be written by a person central in the core of the scene, all the way back to the start. Old readers will recall about how I talked about the uniqueness of the core personalities that when brought together, all by a love of live music, created ‘the music scene’ that broke the valley’s sound barrier in allowing the ‘underground, all-ages’ music to be made and heard by the now diverse crowd of kids who live around this valley.
They each get a chapter to tell the story from their POV, in their own words, only spelling and punctuation will be edited. The 11th chapter will be a tie-up chapter narrated by me, the ‘scene historian’. That’s all I got now. I’m outties.
DJ: Cool, good luck and Godspeed.

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