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Temecula, CA – With all the hubbub about the ‘fiscal cliff’ and the debt ceiling going on and people freaking out about ‘gun control’ coming from Obama, it’s easy to get caught up and clutch on to your wallet, or start sweating bullets about your budget. You see taxes going up and the size of items going down. You are feeling the pinch, but are you really?
A Jewish person who employed me once told me that everything that came into his shop had the value of a penny (worth) until he applied the selling price. It took me a while to wrap my head around what he meant since I saw the invoice prices. However, looking back on the old Jew’s statement with my present day financial understanding of events which occurred before my time paints a different money statement.
After the jump, the ‘two’ days actually, because the pig got poked twice and then when the real Goldfinger video stories.

Who Poked The Pig? (Take a wild stab ;)

The real Goldfinger story, a double dipper

On 9/10/2001, Donald Rumsfeld went before Congress and admitted that the Pentagon has misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars in defense money. It was unaccounted for. The next day, the location of the Pentagon which stored the computer records to this money, and where it went, was destroyed in the explosion that occurred. Now look at images of the Pentagon before the wall fell down. There was no hole in the walls that a plane could fit in. The wall fell in later

9/11 was a carefully planned operation, involving Zionist Bankers, the CIA, Mossad, and the US Military. Insurance Fraud, Insider trading, the Mossad agents who planted the bombs, and the Military who used auto pilot to fly the drones into the towers. The thieves who made off with the gold knew which way out to escape It was a massive operation, they already knew who they were going to blame, and planted passports they had stolen months before.

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