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Temecula, CA – Traveling outside T-town to parts hither anywhere adds to your experience but some places leave you with something to write home to mom about, especially in these days of squeezed middle school budgets. Perhaps the next story taken from a recent LA Art Walk experience could be adapted by some enterprising school district to help finance the arts program.

At the Art Walk Lounge, 634 S. Spring (DLA), the Woodcraft Rangers were holding a ‘Kicks R Canvas’ Exhibition, sponsored by Project Canvas, the style maker of the shoes used in making canvas shoe art. Though canvas shoe art comes in two categories, amateur and collector/pro, it is the amateur class, a competition between middle schoolers city-wide, whose shoes are on display this night to be picked as the top 15 pair out of 65 total designs.

The top 15 pairs are ultimately put up for bid as charity items with the money giving back and the satisfaction of having a one-of-a-kind art collectable that can be kept or sold on e-bay. Though I haven’t been notified about the winner of the show, a little primer is in order to develop a real appreciation for this art application. Also along with viewing the slideshow, please research the WoodcraftRangers, an organization started in 1922 that teaches young children deductive reasoning/cognitive thinking and could have served as the role model for the legendary Junior Woodchucks of Uncle Scrooge/Louie, Dewey, & Huey (Walt Disney) fame. However, it is the Boy Scouts of the 40s/50s who are spoofed in the Disney series.
The Junior Woodchuck themed stories were the invention of the artist, as I recall from a New Yorker article, a man named Carl Barks who drew in a style worthy of the magnificent adventures he authored. The stories were almost always thought-provoking and sometimes slyly subversive. One non-Junior Woodchuck story was banned from Russia in the old U.S.S.R. days. Not too shabby for a comic book. 

The start of the art

The results, shoes on display in competition for recognition/achievement - hightops

And deck shoes

Plus slip-ons

It's all good, in the hood

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