Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Temecula, CA – Fearing no Tea Bagger, redneck white, or reelection, President Obama boldly set to move this country further into the clutches of those who would kill the planet by considering appointing a major proponent of fracking to lead the Department of Energy, another Administrative law agency that was created to manage energy concerns. By poisoning the nation’s water supply sales of bottled water will increase creating economy momentum, certain members of ‘the herd’ will sicken, suffer, and then die, driving profits for the medical industry, and more poisonous fossil fuel will be extracted that we can sell on the worldwide markets, 'freeing the U.S. from foreign oil dependence'. It’s another ‘best idea’ from the folks who brought you Fast and Furious.

It is expected that the Republican forces, usually all mustered against Obama on every other issue, will whimper and fold rather than block the President’s nomination since that nomination is backed by the minions of Monsanto. Other Monsanto alum in the government include the ever loveable Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, war hawk Donald ‘9/10/01’s we misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars in defense money’ Rumsfeld, Tom ‘GMO alfalfa is approved’ Vilsack, and the bogeyman for mothers with young children everywhere, Monsanto’s Michael Taylor, the FDA chief appointed by Obama in his first term after receiving the Nobel prize. Ah, the way of the world. Is there anyone still wondering why Obama won the Nobel?

President Obama keeps saying we need to confront climate change but with BO nothing is quite the way it is made out to seem. Remember the Keystone XL Pipeline BO vetoed before his re-election?

So why is he according to Reuters, seriously considering appointing Dr. Ernest Moniz - the director of MIT's Big Oil-sponsored Energy Institute and a big believer in expanding toxic, climate-heating fracking? Perhaps Eric Holder showed the Prez the movie Gasland and Barack said, “Wow! Water that burns like gasoline would solve all our energy problems.”

At a time when we should be doing is optimizing our progress against climate change instead of clogging the skies with more pollutants from chem trails, er, geo-engineering (see archives for back stories), Moniz is the wrong choice to head one of the most important agencies in the fight for a sustainable energy future.

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