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Temecula, CA – While thousands of people attend the churches every Sunday in the area I live, 99% of them have a clueless expression on their face when I point up to the sky to pass a common observance on the almost daily ‘chem-trailing’ of our local skies. Even when the plane is actively laying down a fresh line of ‘geo-engineering’ [the official industry term] micro-particles, the typical valley man or valley woman is still like a zombie.
So what gives? Are seemingly otherwise intelligent, educated, church-attending, middle-upper middle class people really that stupid? Could these valley folk be that entranced in their own lifestyle to either deny or ignore chem-trails, GMOs, or ‘the real world’ enough to turn off American Idol and join a cause, any cause, to fix the system of profits before people, money as speech?
Turns out it is ‘none of the above’. And this happened once before, in the Bible.

Many of my scene friends consider the Bible purely as a religious work until I point up a contemporary theme in something that Jesus did or said. The fact that the whole Inquisition, a period of extreme brutality as barbaric as anything Islamic, was over personal ownership of a copy of The Bible is lost because they don’t teach that fact in Sunday school or in morning worship (as I have witnessed it) around these hills. Having your own Bible to study on a non-religious basis is very enlightening in view of today’s world.

Though Jesus did many miracles, and quite a few that were show-stopping enough to have the Muslims cast out all their idols and keep the cross, the times then and the times now are eerily similar. Our system is based upon the Roman system, and the government ‘of the people’ has tentacles into all facets of public life via taxes, fees, and fines. The use of a monetary system based on capitalism, wealth, and power completes the picture, almost.

In Jesus’ time and with the aforementioned array of eye-poppers and word-of-mouth media, Jesus still had major brand miss-read. Over and over, miracle after miracle, until he himself asks his homies, “Who do they say I am?”

The Bible narrative shows us that even after references to scripture, cues to the common folk who we presume to be illiterate since only privileged classes received training beyond a family trade [they tell us] back then, the true messianic identity as long foretold remained hidden. Why?
The plot device is to bring about the prophecy of the Jews NOT accepting Jesus as a way to open a sacred covenant loophole to allow a future group access to what is the Abrahamic blood agreement. The traditional thinking is that this future group now grafted onto the Tree of Life is the Christians. The non-traditional Middle Eastern thinking is this future group is the Muslims. The purpose of this article isn’t to argue for either side but to explain a similarity of how each group got that option and how that same option exists today.

How did the Jews miss Jesus? As stated, it was to bring about a future action, but the means was a ‘veil’ being pulled over the general population’s eyes. they didn’t see J’s miracles or didn’t comprehend the significance as if being under a zombie spell. A zombie spell can be counteracted by understanding that it is a spell of making a window reflect like a mirror. What you see is your own reflection or a reflection of the false world instead of looking past like a window to see what really exists beyond the faint reflection like with a window.
Let’s apply this to today, or rather Sunday, as comments galore on various sites reflect on the power outage of Super Bowl XLVII. Everybody’s got a horse in this story race. From conspiracy theorists to political pundits to calls of the dead rising to karma, all have had the lights out moment of the 47th SB. I was watching the game and let out a whoop when it happened. While it was certainly unexpected, having lived in the south and not even that deep in the south, the elimination/disruption of something electrical was not surprising. Whatever the cause of the outage, there is no argument over the result. The momentum shifted and a blow-out turned into a thrilling shoot-out. Is God a sports Fan?

And then just a few hours ago the YouTube video dream of North Korea nuking New York City eerily again reflecting what is foretold in the last 20 minutes of the 1980s documentary, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow. That relocated video is here.
Once again we are going to dodge a debate and cut to the chase; an unexplained event changed a preconceived outcome. What does this reveal?
First, there is an active intelligence that makes an appearance via miracle/unexplained occurrence independently of people/humankind routinely.
Second, this regularity indicates another existence, another reality, also co-exists with our typical political, technological world that we take as all that is real. This ‘other’ world has all been swept under the rug. It is our current statement of reality that is referenced to in Matt 24:24 [insomuch, if (it were) possible, they shall deceive the very elect]. This Bible reference is huge!
The ‘shall deceive’ part indicates a future successful deception of everyone with the ‘insomuch’ word-play indicating a ‘matrix-style’ all encompassing deception. This is indicated by the exclusion of only one group of people; the call-out of a chosen aka protected few whose names are written in a sacred book somewhere but whose status isn’t capitalized as a proper name.
As is exposed in more detail during Memoirs and dropped as political observation in many of my news reports, the world as we know it is not how it really is. To the extent that it is out of focus is where the discussion starts. the first notice to seeing there is a mythical ‘narrow gate’ or narrow path for me started humble on a late May day, thirsty after a real 40-hour work week, drinking a cold, tap-poured PBR, and good intentions. Prior to this I had read John’s Revelation but only comprehended the being ‘blessed’ in some way part.

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