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Temecula, CA – The man in the picture could be smiling for the obvious reason of being sandwiched between two ravishingly hot women dressed to glorify Mary Jane Green’s medicinal benefits by using the benefits God graced them with.  But those who know this man know that, like the BO   gag shot, things are never quite the way they appear. That is the point of Memoirs and that is the point of the news articles posted here.
Status quo women today are mostly rep’d as either being ‘equal to a man’ or a Hustler honey, a skank to spank who giggles. In the rest of the third world, women are treated hostilely by men who act as if they were raised by wolves, cough, India, or jailed when they get political, i.e. Pussy Riot. The remaining women are moms, milfs, ball-busters, and crones. The man in the picture is smiling because he was buzzed into a new sisterhood, today’s ‘YWCA’ officially the 420Nurses, a group of women who fit none of the categories above.

Recently between my first 420Nurses story and my most provocative, one of the DBS* boys came over for a sesh and remarked, “I’ve noticed a definite sexual swing in the stories you have been posting lately. Dude, you need to get laid.”

After answering a “Well, duh” I cautioned to my young friend, “Don’t mistake my fascination with these hot young women as simple lust. There is a lot more to the 420Nurses than just T&A.”
I then pulled up a 420Nurses picture on the screen for my friend, a seasoned associate who has provided many a local story tip to this ‘Lois Lane’ over the years. The DBS Boy sat and stared at the model’s photograph for 20 minutes before he uttered, “That’s beautiful,” in a hushed voice. Though I can’t show the picture to you on this PG-R site, I can describe it for you readers.

On a white comforter with a salmon colored runner, a nude young Angelino woman with long hair black as night lies face down, legs together, hair pulled off to the side. Scattered around her are different color Sharpies as if the artists using them took a five minute break from what they were coloring, for across the woman’s bare shoulders and stretching down past her back cheeks onto the top upper thigh is an urban mural depicting abstract shapes done in day-glow neon colors of deep hot pink, watermelon, red, blue, and peach.
The woman’s pose is willingly submissive as she ‘presents’ her body for a canvas. The photo isn’t pornographic or sexy per se, but the work of art itself titled Blest Ganja Glam delivers passion from its arena by the very idea of its creation. This style of artform is what drove the ‘old Masters’ and every college art appreciation class is riddled with nude poses and sketches. To know that this art form is alive and well, off-campus, is invigorating. To actually see art like this is enchanting to say the least, as my Drive By Stoner* friend found out.
The Spirit of Woman that exudes from the 420Nurses as a group is both seductive and selective, and thus is a sisterhood. Sisterhoods of this type are found in ‘women’s’ literature groups, social circles, and legends about sirens. In the past such groups have been scorned or disbanded by men groups who felt threatened by such a collection of talent, brains, and beauty from women not contained by life’s choice of shopping for a husband. The origin of every woman’s advocacy group comes from women of this ilk.
There is one other large selection of women who sometimes form into groups. These are Wicca-wise women and news of them or about them rarely breaks into the underground even. They are all around and in every culture/societal group. Sometimes a ‘circle’ or coven is formed for those interested in being organized. Being a man of Memoirs I have run across all of the above groups but like the unique underground music scene here in T-town (Temecula, CA), sometimes something new is concocted creatively by the gods and muses.

As a modeling group the 420 Nurses can hold their own with any other photogenic stable in looks though the layout style is more like the legendary work of Hollywood’s Harold Lloyd. What really separates the 420Nurses from any other group or collection of women that I have encountered in the past, is their collective artistic imagination expressed through their [DIY] Nurses photos. Covered more extensively in Memoirs is the inventive/artistic talent exhibited by ‘stoners’, part of the overall ‘magic’ brought about by Mary Jane Green.

The distinctly sexual nature of the female cannabis plant is also something that enhances the 420Nurses as a group but here again the obvious is downplayed by the glasses-wearing ‘head nurse’ Cha Cha VaVoom. As women over the last half century have gained control over their bodies and minds, freeing them from preconceived social status quo, they have moved from the shadows cast by their sexuality into the light of being readers, writers, artists, and individuals savvy enough to bring a new twist to the tried and true of the marketplace. Thanks to modern social media technology, likeminded women have joined the 420Nurses cause, even internationally.

So why is this man smiling? He is in the company of two new/ancient reconnected members of the Sisterhood that rep for Mary Jane and they all just smoked a fattie. After having just partied with the two artistic young women cannabis associates, the new YWCA officially known as the 420Nurses, like McDonald’s, he’s lovin’ it!

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