Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Temecula, CA – As you read this news report/opinion, I am returning to Los Angeles (seen in the distance) once again, but this time as a protestor and a performer.

As a performer is the promoting of my Author Signing and ‘reading’ portion of the Doomsday Memoirs book tour. At the event reported in Another Man’s Meal, I was just a vendor, hawking my wares [as seen in the after-the-jump pic] with my LA wingman and book editor, Jeff Bradford. I was a static entity not much different that when at the Prop 37 booth for Tustin Tiller Days.
This time I am in the spotlight as the promoter, as the producer by having my props done, as the director in running my intended program, and as the head writer for the material used. And that’s IF somebody shows up. But this is more than just about me.

The road to publishing this work has gone from just a daydream to a goal to a passion to a delivery. From the inception to publishing after the manuscript was written and thought to be finished, there was peer pressure to get the work published, rather than self publish. Indeed, I always harbored the notion to be offered a royalty fee up front or a contract for publishing. To me, as to most people, having someone to purchase your idea and distribute it, or even offer you a deal, is validation that what you have created is worth something. So when first burning with the fire of publishing back in 2006, I sought making it through the traditional avenues.
However Occupy LA taught me one thing, the world really is a matrix and most people are clueless just to how far we have slid away from what the Forefathers were really intending with the Constitution/Bill of Rights. For those who read my stuff during that time, you may remember that the first Occupy LA report was titled, ‘I’ve Joined the Circus’, a reference to the Tropic Thunder line, “He’s joined the circus.” I think the other half of the title explains itself of late.

After moving forward through the rigors of any DIY project and reaching a desired and satisfactory end product, much like back of the days of being a manufacturing engineer, once again the idea of a POD, print-on-demand, produced work being less in the marketplace arose. For a minute, but just a minute, I was rebuffed. Then I realized what the forefathers, particularly those pot heads Washington and Jefferson, meant by the First Amendment.

Having the Grace [aka lawfully decreed] of Self-Publication assures that every man has a voice to issue his words into print. This is the Colt .45 of Literature. Self publishing makes every writer equal. If the average reader, the type who actually go to book stores to search up books in print and not just the big box shopper/reader, but the real, almost fringe element of readership, have lost appreciation for the published word that is NOT refined, filtered, and judged valuable by someone else’s opinion of what will make money, then a liberty of expressive freedom has been gentrified.

As an Occupier that is the question I ask the Universe tonight. Stay tuned.

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