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BEHIND DOOR NO. 1 - Updated


"If I push this button, will America go boom?"
Temecula, CA – In the Matrix movie, the Wachowski brothers left us with a muddied ending to a great storyline, the revealing of the original Evil source and source code program for the invention/system introduction of evil.

The recent ‘trash talk’ videos from North Korea has ramped the approval of 44 more anti-missile defense systems for the West Coast. Obama just returned from overseas talks about Iran with the Jews. And we get a new Pope who is a Jesuit. What do all these things have to do with Occupy LA, the Doomsday book release date of Memoirs, and a bus alarm in LA [on this latest commute to the second largest town in the country]?  The tie-in, after the jump.

This factual news report is a cross/over story to the extent of the definition of ‘cross-faded’ (typically meaning weed and beer intoxication, cough, burrrp!); so as with the last story, something that started out with a simple b&w plan turned into a full color story, in the Oz kind of way. The plan: attend the Thursday night NORML meeting in Hollywood at JEMM HQ as I have in previous news reports.

Sitting on the train heading to LA with the plan to go to my LA ‘layover’ spot and say ‘hello’ to my congenial hosts, a female cat, her owner, and the aforementioned couch foot-warmer tabby, H.P. Lovecat, I got a text that asked simply, “Going to GA [?]”. It was from Luke, a self-proclaimed alchemist I knew from Occupy LA. We had reconnected at the LA NORML meetings at JEMM headquarters in Hollywood.
A few texts later I found out the (Occupy LA) General Assembly location and time. An hour later I was in the company of two other ‘occupiers’ headed to the same meeting. Finding the group at one corner end of Pershing Square then saying ‘hello’ to Luke and some others I recognized from City Hall, I found out that the NORML meeting had been moved from JEMM HQ to Bruce Margolan’s office close to ‘the Strip’ on Sunset. I also got the info on what bus to catch. It was the Number 2 bus. (The number two is a significant number to me).
One of the familiar people I spotted was Richard Eastman, a long time medical marijuana advocate who says his remission from HIV (AIDS) is due to his puffing the good weed. He is running for the District 13 city council position as a ‘dark horse’ write-in candidate. Next to him was another face that I have seen at the meetings in LA, a man known as ‘the Pirate’.
Of all the elder statesman who speak at the NORML meetings, the Pirate is the one who talks the least of the old days and seems the most ambiguous of the 60s leftover former Deadheads, the original grassroots stoner activist ‘disorganized’ group. The ‘Rrrr’, bandana, and eye patch complete the package. Even the attire of the Pirate isn’t as throwback as the others and he maintains a certain flair that I put down to his living in the Hollywood area, which is namely that everyone is on the back lot, milling around but in a movie on a soundstage somewhere on the lot.
Walking over and saying ‘hello’, the Pirate and I shared a little small talk before I expressed the opinion that Doomsday, December 21, 2012, the announced Mayan ‘end point’, was really the starting date for the first 3 ½ year period for the coming seven year Tribulation period, the final series of ‘birth pains’ that Jesus talked about.
My pirate friend expressed that he wasn’t too worried about it, which didn’t surprise me since he had lived his life, but when he added more to his explained reasoning, alluding to the reality of his particular station in life, I said, “You sir, are a man who lives on the other side of the looking glass.”
His eye twinkled the way you read about in fairy tales and he smiled back to say knowingly, “Yes, I do.”
I replied, “Allow me to shake your hand. I do too.”

[Now here’s the picture. We are standing just a few feet from a downtown LA corner surrounded by the 1%’s skyscrapers at about 8:15 PM. There are cars, buses, and people on foot noises as the signal lights control the flow of traffic at the intersection. The night is cool, almost chilly but not windy, and the din of the night echoes off the buildings. At the corner there is a city bus, a smaller private camper- truck style bus, and some cars. They are waiting for their light to change green.]

The Pirate and I shake hands, and when we do, two horns go off in unison. When our hands release, one of the horns stops but the second horn, actually an alarm that sounds when someone tries to steal a LA Metro bus, continued as the bus turned the corner and drove past us. And what did we do? Laughed our asses off!
I told the Pirate, “See, that [the horns] happened when we shook hands.” [To those who know, note that I didn’t say [it] happened because we shook hands]
He agreed and we laughed again.

Later that night when I settled in on my couch surf and warmed my footsies against the twenty pound tabby, all the pieces fell into place.

As stated in Chapter 20 [Memoirs] and on the back cover blurb, everything going on is about control, not money. The foretold NWO world system of the Bible calls for a single currency, they say, but in reality the plastic credit card system is the common world currency system predicted, in that your American credit card will purchase anything in almost any country, no matter the native currency. What is stopping the currency circle from being complete is the omission of North Korea and Iran, the last two countries of importance outside the Central Bank banking circle now that Gadhafi is taken out. For all the smoke and mirrors, this is the central bone of contention in the ‘them vs. us’ rhetoric.

However it is seen only as a temporary inconvenience and the last hurdle before control of currency through credit [electronic vs. physical currency] determines who can buy or sell, as foretold in the Bible. The Jesuit Pope is important on two fronts. The first starts with the knowledge that the Jesuit branch was started by the author of The Inquisition, an era of exquisitely evil persecution executed upon women, pagans, artists, free thinkers, and the innocent in the name of Jesus Christ.
The second important thing is to know that the mission statement of the Jesuit Sect is to return the whole world to under the dominion of the Papacy and Jesus Christ.

We have now as our last predicted Pope, the last Pope, a Jesuit sent to blest the 0ne Percent NWO/United Nations as soon as North Korea/Iran are brought in line. The world thumbscrews will start in earnest as Huffington Post jumps on the ‘surrender your guns’ bandwagon, of course bears don’t like guns.

Occupy was the ‘ten second’ warning…

December 21, 2012 started the clock hand in the yellow zone; the 3 ½ year period of the Tribulation that is ‘relatively’ peaceful when compared to the last 3 ½ year stretch. The last portion is surely the nuclear war period, if no nukes have been fired at that point.
My book was released on that date because information contained within will be useful in enduring the coming turmoil for some and a validation of what others innately know inside themselves.

Cognitive dissonance is where other minds, except those mentioned above and the one Percent, lie in the mists of reality.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. And keep dipping back to check in on the latest sum-sum, aka, stay tuned here.

UPDATE from Huffington Post 3/26/13 North Korea story:  "For the North, the only path to survival lies in stopping provocations and threats, abandoning its nuclear weaponry and missiles, and becoming a responsible member of the international community," South Korean President Park Geun-Hye warned North Korea on Tuesday. Becoming a 'responsible member' means joining the Central Bank system. This is a developing story until the boom.

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