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Temecula, CA – It isn’t often that someone is killed around here in Temecula, Murrieta, or Fallbrook. When
something like this happens everyone is shocked, however when the person killed is a musician loved and respected by the total local community, the tragedy takes on a whole new ripple. Last Friday night person or persons unknown, bound and gagged beloved musician Larry Robinson, then beat him savagely during a store robbery. On Saturday the 64-year old Robinson succumbed to his injuries.

Tonight at Sorrel Restaurant/Bistro, 41377 Margarita Rd, 7-11:30 p.m. [Wednesday, March 27], an open mic is planned to help the Robinson family with expenses. Robinson hosted the open mic nights there for two and a half years.
You can read about Larry here and here, in case you missed the news.

I met Larry Robinson twice and talked to him over the phone once. He had a clear baritone voice a little reminiscent of Johnny Cash but without the southern drawl. I know this because I met him one time at a Barnes & Noble in-store music show that featured an acoustic set from War Stories, a band fronted by Larry’s son, Evan.
Evan Robinson, son, and Larry Robinson, father, at Barnes & Nobles, photo

War Stories is one of a few bands who came through Cuppys/Java Joz that made you ask yourself, ‘why isn’t this band famous?’ [If you don’t know the real ins & outs of the biz and distribution/radio play channels]

The night Ivan (of The Vault) and I rolled into the B&N set answered a lot of questions about the group’s back story on talent, at least for a quarter of the band. A very special treat was seeing father and son play several duets together. As a father, that moment especially warmed my heart.

After the performance I walked over and talked to Larry, not so much about his son, but about him since I had just seen him perform. In my functionary role of scene historian, I have seen many a parent of the scene performers, but Larry was the first performing parent I ran across. So we chatted. Afterwards I was gifted with his CD release. A few months later when I buried the hatchet in my ragging against city hall, I presented the city council, to several upturned eyebrows, a burned copy of ‘Old California Town’, the single.

I do believe somewhere I did a story about the new Americana and Larry’s CD.

R.I.P.  Edward Lawrence ‘Larry’ Robinson

Sometimes the Good don’t die young, thank the Lord.


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