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Temecula, CA – April is National Autism Month, so designated by the Autism Society, 4340 East-West Hwy, Suite 350, Bethesda, Maryland. The fact that April has been designated ‘national’ awareness month since the 70s, when no one had the ‘disease’ is addressed in Chapter 20 of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green (Amazon), as is the reason why and who is doing it.

More importantly, Chapter 20 tells you WHY cannabis, aka Mary Jane Green, is the proven yet stealthed cure to this accredited disease, something the accredited charity [from the 70s] doesn’t want you to know. But, hey, your contribution is tax deductable and I didn’t gather you here for this column to preach to the choir; rather to teach you about the choir’s real sopranos, some of whom are really sssssmoking!

It was bound to happen once women gained possession of their own bodies and freed them from adult male control [only good fate and righteous parents spare female babies in the cradle]. Though the fight for full equality and [perceived] male freedom is a fight still going on politically 

And religiously

More and more, women are fronting
the political fight revealed to this generation by the Occupy Movement; some for the most personal
reasons, their kids’ sake.

However, while I cover the news on many fronts/causes, my heart stays true to Mary Jane Green, and the MASH* unit attached to them, the 420Nurses.

Some of you might think my loyalty is based upon how well these women can handle a bong – Wrong-O, though a woman who can handle her
bong is indeed sexy. Others might guess that I have a fondness for ‘tomboys’, and in truth, a woman who can play and get dirty is the type of female that I first encountered favorably growing up.

A closer guess would be the group artistry exhibited by these muses of Mary Jane,

Or could it be perhaps the subconscious desire of an only child wanting ‘sisters’

‘No’ would be the answer to all four guesses.

As an activist I have a natural slant against the status quo. As a person who smokes and believes in all the various and sundry ways cannabis can bless a person, in and out of bed, I have found [and written about] how smoking pot makes a person ‘aware’. However, male or female, anyone can be aware.
I released Memoirs on December 21, 2012, ‘Doomsday’ because I believe that is the day the seven year Tribulation period* started as foretold* in the Bible. That day also marked the end of the Male dominated age and the start of the Female dominated age, according to my mole from Peru. Metaphysically, that means a rise in the Lilith energy of a woman. 

The Lilith energy is the energy which chafes upon the bonds of the power relationship between Men and Women in the system of patriarchy. This political energy chooses separation rather than the domination of matriarchy [Catholicism] or submission to patriarchy [Judaism, Protestant Christianity, and Islam]. This window of femininity was shuttered by men starting with the dark ages, curiously at the same time the Church began its crusade against smoked (female) cannabis.

This rebellious Lilith energy, long suppressed in society, is starting to flower politically since today’s female rebels [read Occupy] smoke a grip of weed, like we did back in the day of ‘Tricky Dick’, who, btw, defused the China tension by directly talking to the Chinese. Don’t look for BO to pull that rabbit out of his ass. That is not why BO was put into office folks.

Now the female cannabis plant spirit has connected to the ‘dark’ Lilith energy found in all women but embraced only by a chosen few. While Femen capture headlines across the water, the spirit of female activism is popping up in cross-over cause agenda meetings like NORML at JEMM headquarters in LA. But meetings are just that, meetings, and the one organization now sparking the [cannabis] oil on the water, so to speak, is the group created by Cha Cha VaVoom, 2nd from right.

Usually I’d rather be home smoking a bowl, or out doing something to further the cause instead of talking about the cause though partying about the cause at a  POT-USO rally for the troops in the field, not the heads of state at Hef’s mansion, is an exception.

My favorite USO style group of medicating stoners is, of course, the 420Nurses.

 Knowing a thing or two about how cannabis opens your mind to the ‘real shit’ and seeing the artistic bent displayed in various members photos, I sensed that it was only a matter of time before the group entered the political arena though I never guessed it would be on both ends of the country at once.

On the East Coast 420Nurses are reaching out to the snow tops through non-MMJ flash mobs, in cross-generational MMJ marketing to older women to open their minds politically and hopefully cannabis-wise as well. The old mindset individual must be shown that stoners don’t bite. This is the key to obtaining the ‘lost generation (55-90)’ voter demographic. Plus we can help them to feel better and clear their minds.
The west coast 420Nurses, the LA chapter, has organized to endorse Measure F for the upcoming May 21 election (Remember, Fuck Yeah On F).

Ever a visible attention-getter anywhere a MMJ ‘pot-con' festival is popping, including music shows like the KMK (Kottonmouth Kings),

420Nurses are starting to show up like spring wildflowers, as varied in colors, but with the same look of political passion.

Stay tuned for the next developing story installment called, Unchain My Health.

Meanwhile pick up your copy of Memoirs and read Chapter 20. That is the only way to follow along with the clues being sprinkled in various stories about the arriving troubles concerning endurance, aka survival. If you believe the Bible, nowhere does it say ‘guns saved the day’. History, however, shows that every time a country disarmed their citizens, some groups of those citizens were exterminated like vermin. T’would seem a quandary if you believe all you see is all there is. The clue, cannabis.

(MASH* - MMJ Attention Starts Here; all references to Lilith energy from The Book of Lilith, Barbara Black Koltuv, Ph.D., all references to cannabis from Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, PT Rothschild - Ed)

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