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Temecula, CA – “And there will be explosions, explosions, explosions. Explosions everywhere!” – Nostradamus

The above quote was recorded for reference to the end times or last days, a period of time foretold in
religious books and various prophecies. It is also a time unrevealed to most who are/will be going through it. Even the Jews won’t realize until 3 days before the promised return of the Lord Jesus, a historically disputed personage not understood to this day. Certainly the title ‘Jesus the Magician’ is well deserved.

With the bombing of the Boston Marathon today, a friend unfamiliar with American political history or the real American spirit, asked me, “What is the difference between the mass gun shootings and today’s attack?
The answer: the city, the date, the history, and recent events; more after the jump.

The picture above symbolizes the ninth-highest warfare medal the Pentagon was going to bestow on troops - even higher than the Bronze Star. Importantly, it is the only combat medal that a military service member can receive without actually physically being in the same geographic area where combat took place.
As expected, backlash was swift as two typical comments illustrate:

“You can now “earn” a medal that will rank between a Silver Star and a Bronze Star and never leave the “house”. The powers that be have now created the “Distinguished Warfare Medal”! Isn’t that nice?”

“They have now made a medal for the X-Box junkies flying the Pred. But wait, there’s more… They are also already earning Air Medals, without deploying. The same medal that I have five of, they are earning from the safety of some air conditioned box while sipping on their mocha-frappuccino that they picked up on the way in to work that day, and waiting for Papa John’s to show up with lunch. They are not placing themselves in any danger what so ever, except maybe carpal tunnel syndrome.”
The new Secretary of Defense quietly axed the medal.

And now to answer my friend’s query, what is the difference between deaths by bombing and gun shootings like Conn and Co? 

Both are tragic acts of terrorism that much is true. So let’s define terrorism. In a news report column not long ago I put the definition as a book on the subject termed it, God’s Assassin. Simply put, since God is everywhere, everything is a part of God. The part of God that isn’t working is sent a ‘noble’ messenger to throw fear/warning into the larger area to change course.  

So what are the messages here?

In the gun shootings, the message is ‘Drugs cause people to kill innocent people’ but the message is being spun away from Big Pharma and used by the oligarchy to rid the populace of their weapons before another French Revolution takes place here. As pervasive as guns are in American Society, more sacred is the idea behind the Second Amendment and America herself, an idea started with the Boston Massacre, Crispus Attucks, a 47 year old ‘freeman’, and the famous to us, infamous to them, Boston Tea Party. 

The day, April 15, 2013, is another clue being it symbolizes the Federal Reserve and the ever increasing weight of the debt owed to a foreign, above the law, banking consortium; a consortium many hold cased and continue to bleed the citizens. With the stock market above 14,000 and not much cash in circulation, people don’t see the ‘good times’ that should be evident with that peak. That absence leads to believing those at the top at reaping the benefits only, which is true.

The eroding belief that Obama will bring the change he indicated with his skin color is also leading to both frustration and outright cronyism displayed with the recent signing of the Monsanto Protection Act. Monsanto is a company with a long rich history with the Armed Services, just ask any vet. As evidenced by my stay at Occupy, I am not the only citizen who sees what is happening though I may have more details in general since I am a writer and reporter. To date a news report about Bush being 'comfortable about his Iraq legacy (HuffPost) has 244 pages of comments, running 90% negative in various themes.

And leave us not discount divine intervention. The gun control bill which looked so sure of passing now seems sure of defeat in the emotion blowback regardless of homegrown or foreign bomb-maker. This isn’t the first instance of this sort of thing, as political metaphysics have shown, cough Hurricane Sandy.

Out of respect for the innocent people killed in this grievous act still playing out in Boston, the heart of American freedom sans Philly, no wordplay was used to be satirical. Photo from VA website excepted.
R.I.P. all Innocents, look down from Paradise and pray for us who are left. Pray for mercy and that many innocents survive through the coming period, as thy will is done.

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