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Temecula, CA – Though you won’t hear about ’Obama blinking’, see recent headliner, until they can put a John Kerry spin on the reversal of fortunes concerning North Korea. However, this reporter simply sees this as a win for BO. No one really wants a nuclear war because there are no winners, only those who lose less, or at least that is the MIC thinking. Of course the MIC has access to the underground living facilities for the 0ne Percenters in this country.

I love this country and the people in it. In the travels and adventures written of in Memoirs a certain common trait was found in most of those I came across. There is an attraction to people who are themselves by others who have power. This appears to be some sort of metaphysical attraction, as in ‘I can’t explain it in a theory’ theory. It happened with my friend ‘Max’ in Memoirs and it has happened to Snoop Dog, as pictured here with Bill Maher seemingly smelling Dog’s armpits.

After the jump, how this attraction played out in setting up world peace.

This country is a legend in its own mind, and those of us who live here believe in that legend, though more ‘wake up from the dream’ [Occupy LA reference] each day. Outside our borders, even in Mexico and Canada, the news with reference to America is more critical. Talk to anyone who has spent time in another country and listened to ‘world news’ there, because that is the section America falls in. Here we all know the news is editorially slanted and we are desensitized to it. Not so outside the States. Kim Jung un lives outside the States.

Inside the States, we are Corporate America. A system. The dogs walk us.

North Korea is not a system; it is a hood with a boss, like Al Capone in Chi-town, only legit. In the old days, the boss was mean.

But there’s a new boss in town. He grew up ‘raised on whipped cream’ and vinegar, educated in the liberal ‘west end’ of Northern Europe.

The boy,

Became a man when his father died,

Who married a cheerleader.

They toured the countryside in a GiGi movie,

Unprotected and secure because no one in their hood wants to harm them.

In this leader’s country, he runs the military and they love him for it.

Military gender issues, doesn’t look like it, does it?

This leader remembers that an army travels on its stomach.

And the country maintains a strict border policy.

So what’s wrong with North Korea? 3 Things

·       North Korea is outside the circle of trust because it does not belong to the Central Bank System, hence the ‘Axis of Evil’ world terror label
·       North Korea is not Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, therefore to be judged as expendable aka ‘savages’.
·       North Korea may be naive in dealing with a country that never honored a single treaty signed with another group ‘savages’ [aka, those outside 'The Book’ – of Jews, Christians, Muslims], the ones with casinos now. Dubya set the preemptive strike precedent against someone ‘in the book’.   

In closing this news report, we leave you again with Bro Nathaniel. Some of you may have seen his last video news opinion and wondered, “Who is this weird looking dude?”
That would be rookie mistake number 1, paying attention to the messenger instead of the message.
Today’s message was first heard by this reporter as a child in a neighborhood barbershop. Later the same scenario would be espoused by co-workers in the Quality Control Department of a foundry in Louisville, KY. The most recent exposure prior to Brother Nathaniel would be an in-depth discussion including the ‘racial’ aspect between myself and the character ‘Richard Westley III’ [Memoirs] after he inquired about my bloodline. The fuller description can be found in the John Birch Society informational literature.

Remember these two things. There are forces that believe only an end-of-the-world-event will bring back ‘the Messiah’ now that Israel is a State. Second, an analysis of the torpedo that sank the South Korean vessel, killing all aboard and almost igniting a war in 2010, showed the fragments to be Russian. Jewish newspapers heralded the sale of Russian subs to Israel for dirt cheap prices in tabloid style headlines prior to that dust-up.

My advice to Kim Jung un, don’t hire the grandson of the guy who was driving JFK’s limo in Dallas.

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