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Temecula, CA – There is another Lilith energy story being pieced together but the news, the headline stuff, just keeps getting busting loose. The wheels are coming off this nation at an alarming rate. Just a few minutes
ago it was disclosed that President Obama was sent a ricin laced letter very similar to the one Sen. Wicker (R, Miss) was targeted with. Ricin is a poison that kills in 36 hours and there is no antidote. Movies have been made on the countdown premise of time left for a person poisoned.

This comes 3 days after the Boston Marathon blasts which still have the country reeling emotionally. People, those in charge of everything, are pleading ‘why’. Well, as a loyal American who loves his place of birth and grew up believing (see Memoirs) in the American Dream, let’s take a stab, as we dab, a look at the tab.

For 100 years exactly, this country as a place for ‘the people’, the Republic Ben Franklin told the woman that he had gotten for us, has been lost. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913. It was then that the U.S. countrymen were sold into economic slavery by using someone else’s money. The wealth of the people was stolen, twice, see The Day The Pig GotPoked

Just a month ago, America’s Archie Bunker for the new century, Family Guy, ran an episode called ‘Turban Cowboy’. If you haven’t seen it, you won’t now. It has been pulled and is now resting next to the two minute segment showing Arnold Palmer’s wife innocently saying, “Sometimes I kiss his putter” to a young Johnny Carson whose eye gleam hinted a witty comeback. It was, and the world laughed for a week. NBC pulled that in lieu of suit from the mortified sports wife. Like the Turban Cowboy, I saw that moment in time also.

While the Family Guy episode was hilarious and no more insulting than Everybody Needs A Jew, which aired during the first Family Guy series run. However, in real life, the wars we fight are no laughing matter. This is a picture from a story about our official ‘drone policy’ on HuffPost.

Domestically, well let’s see. This country has been short-sheeting a percentage of returning vets since the Vietnam War, a police action that was started by our side (Google ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’). People don’t return home from killing/seeing death the same. Today vets make up 25% of the homeless you see living on the streets.

However, the recent people of mass destruction haven’t been down on the heels derelicts. These recent killers have been well educated, well cared for as far as housing goes, but with access to prescription meds,
which shouldn’t be surprising since 50% of the population takes some form of prescribed medication. 50% of the kids, men, women, and old people; 50% of the population. As was just proved, guns may kill people but a bomb go boom.
Though those in government who may wonder why and various patriotically blind who also question a motive and aren’t flush with the cash from a stock market over 14,000, need only to look up, on a good day and see the chem trails. Or they could understand the polls of the people. They could understand the resentment from a nation getting Bush Dark. When you sprinkle racism/profiling/stand-your-ground/ chem spills and the Monsanto Protection Act, you get an inkling of the tab.

Add the continued suppression of controversial stories like the one telling of a viral video showing an alien guarding the White House, the rise of recent UFO activity (Lake Elsinore sighting
covered on this website, see archives), and the internet with vids countering the status quo of everything, exploring everything, exposing everything (like who shot JFK when his head explodes – it was the limo driver with a .45 cal special automatic, the vid released was cropped to hide that), then you add in measures to now rid the populace of their weaponry while introducing aluminum into everyone’s air space/food chain for almost ten years, and what do you have?

If you believe in what the Bible predicts, this is the start of the Tribulation, and the climax of the Anti-Christ Age beast (fully gleamed with anointed eyes in Chapter 20, Memoirs), birthed with another 100 year old happening that started in 1913, again a Chapter 20 ref. This belief is validated by Saint Malachy.

If you are of the spiritual/environment/karma mindset, then this is the birth of a new system, a new beginning for Man; but first, the waiter is bringing ‘the check’ for our collective past misdeeds, global greed, pollution, etc.

If you are in the group some people refer to as a ‘tin-foil hat’ person, the type who believes the professors like Lloyd Pye and the guy in the vid below, 

then like the FBI said of the Boston Bombing, the case is wide open with NWO, Aliens, Immortals, and a return of those who built us. 

Whichever you believe, I think we all are starting to feel what we knew at Occupy – We Are the Terminal Generation, this is the Future and there ain’t no ‘rama’, only Obama. Oy vey, such a week he’s having.

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