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Temecula, CA – My mother’s mother, my maternal grandmother, was the wisest woman I knew until I got to know my first mother-in-law. Though Granny was the Dr. Silvana to my Billy Batson (DC Comics Shazam, but here a Memoirs reference), her prophetic taglines which made me wonder then, now just amaze me in how I see what Granny foretold coming true. One of her mightiest predictions was, “Before the end comes, all of Man’s secrets will be revealed.”

Magically, once you know the existence of a truth, that truth’s knowledge will come to you. This does not mean the whole truth is revealed at once however.
With that being said, this reporter exposes the mythical origins of why women worldwide, are mistreated, put upon, dogged, and kept under robes (nuns, Muslims), and ‘hidden in binders’.

Two ‘historical’ reasons have long been quoted, Eve (yielding to the serpent) and Pandora (yielding to curiosity). Recently, my favorite witch [wiccan], ex-wife #3, brought some knowledge to my attention which complements the Lilith revelation talked of in the past several stories concerning female political groups.  

This report begins our illuminating series on the classic misconceptions about women, misconceptions that are used to subject women in general to a status level below men in society.  

By far the biggest, most single typecasting of Woman comes from Eve, who is credited with the downfall of man. By Eve, man was cast out of Paradise, and though the real Gospel, good news, is that Jesus re-opened the Garden to humanity [Luke 23:43], Mankind’s fall from Grace is still Woman’s ball and chain, an indelible, mystical ‘black mark’ on the permanent record of Womanhood.

Because of that black mark, a woman’s femininity has never been understood, always stifled, sometimes tragically lobotomized, institutionalized, and always feared, even by some women themselves.
I witnessed this truth by seeing The Vagina Monologues (see archives, if available) the times Temecula staged the play. I observed the show but turned my ears metaphysically around like a cat to hear revealing whispers. It was a side of womanhood that I never knew existed and I had compassion.

So I’m talking on the phone to get the latest on my [step] daughter’s new baby when the ex says, “You know I have been reading the Quran and I found some interesting stuff…The reason they cover the women in Middle East cultures goes back a lot farther than the Arabs, even farther than the Jews. Check out Gen. 6 [1-2, 4]. That ain’t nothing but straight up ‘alien abduction’. They were hiding their women to keep the aliens from seeing them.”

Well, Sports Fans, I don’t mind telling you that while I was pretty familiar with the ‘Sons of God’ mating with the daughters of man, that knowledge had never yielded this conclusion of ‘four’. I let her words digest into my brain.

We give ‘God’ a special metaphysical nature/name but in truth, God comes from the heavens, or Heaven. So do any visitors that come from anywhere off the planet. What we do is suppose that all aliens travel linearly and God, angels, spirits, etc travel inter-dimensionally, therefore the two can’t be the same. ET is ET

Research through various books, articles, and such says that ‘fallen angels’ or sons of God, ETs taught Man the Game of War, and women how to wear make-up, perfumes, charms, herbs, etc. [forms of enchantment] after the daughters of man [Cain’s daughters, who started the trait of single girl babies to split from the original trait of a twin boy and girl born together] playfully/seductively brought the angels to want them physically [Jude 6]. This is the start of the ‘seeing an uncovered woman brings men into an uncontrollable lustful state’ mystical trait and the mindset that ‘women bring this thing upon themselves’, hence ‘blame the victim’ and hide the real culprit. 

However, like any molestation, it was up to the angels to do the right thing, as a higher level (read adult) being [The Book of Enoch]. As such and because of such, these fallen angels have been sentenced to live on (around inside the Van Allen Radiation Belt or beneath) the Earth [Jude 6. Jude is the single page ‘book’ that The Beatles sang about that is next to Revelation of St. John, the final Bible book].
Hidden from modern man but not hidden from God, and now revealed to you, Dear Reader, is the wise Wiccan’s words that show all imposed self-loathing, all societal restrictions of all cultures, all organized male-dominated religions, all attempts to shame the Woman comes from the combination of our hidden alien/angel/Sons of God intervention only, not from any trait of the created female clone helper (Woman) for the Man servant, the caretaker of the Garden/Zoo. God didn’t make Woman a victim, but man in order to control a woman, used this hidden anti-alien agenda to make Woman a scapegoat. That time is over!

Also in ancient texts, no, not the kind your flip-top Razr gets but ones written thousands of years ago say that the female sexual identity was asked/requested to take a diminished part in the role of mankind for this age. This resulted in the ‘moon’ (female/mystery/things viewed in a different light/hidden genitalia) nighttime and the sun (male [son], open, straight, plain sight genitalia, strong, dominant viewpoint logic).
In that vein, the role of the libido, the name for the human ‘sex drive’ discovered by Sigmund Freud, is really the just the male sex drive. Masters and Johnson, the sex study which revealed that married women go and finish themselves off in the bathroom while hubby falls asleep, really studied how women react to the male libido, not what women want, desire, or possess. That reality would be the now forthcoming Lilith energy, arising like a moon waxing. 

The video below depicts this magic sexual energy as coming to Woman from a fallen angel. Watch for the end segment [32.20] to see the last angel depiction.

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