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Temecula, CA – If Jesus taught only one thing, it was that the impossible is possible. Starting with the LA mayoral elections tomorrow and ending with the international March Against Monsanto on Saturday, the forces of good could use a lot of JC's special magic to stalemate the forces of darkness. 

Out in force for the cause of adequate access for legal medical marijuana patients in LA from ballot initiative Measure F, the 420Nurses are also set to aid the cause of marching against Monsanto in cross-promotion politicking sure to gain more recognition for the rising model PAC. 

The initial social network for today's young female activist- patient looking to advance the cause by jobs modeling the medical aspect of cannabis and sharing the natural bonding when young women meet to share news, views, and bowls, the group is steering toward more political involvement as the leadership delves deeper into the religion-cannabis hookup.

A growing awareness of the collective group consciousness is taking place in this developing story. Though not on the radar at first, but alerted by an action ‘casting call’ from a fellow 420Nurse, CEO Cha Cha VaVoom quickly expressed support and endorsement of the March Against Monsanto for the 420Nurses.  

The nature of the group, which has a whimsical sisterhood worthy of a Greek sorority, is not to be confused with any other. As an advocate for more youth/cross cause involvement, the 420Nurses answered the call like real-life Power Puff Girls, er, who smoke pot. Readers know they have cast a spell on this reporter by virtue of the uniquely creative photo art that is full of substance and texture. At least that’s how I look at it. Now we hope the 420Nurses can branch out from their cannabis comfort zone with a win for Measure F. Every group representing anything pot-friendly in any town fighting a city council is now watching the LA results from tomorrow’s election. Now a direct appeal from the 420Nurses in Los Angeles to all registered voters and March Against Monsanto LA marchers.

"The fate of Los Angeles' dispensaries will be decided TOMORROW. The city's most important Medical Marijuana vote ever--and a landmark decision for the future of medical cannabis in the city--is just hours away. If you're a registered voter, it's IMPERATIVE that you show up to the polling centers, and VOTE YES ON F while voting NO ON D.. It's equally important that you cast a No Vote On D, because if both measures pass, neither goes into affect in we remain in this fragile state of limbo. If F loses and D wins, thousands of medical marijuana patients will enter dire straits, and have an impossible time gaining safe and easy access to their medicine, while thousands of compassionate members of the MMJ workforce will lose their jobs. Please do what's right, cast your vote for F, and help us keep the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles safely thriving! You can also help this cause DIRECTLY by going to the polls and joining the force of volunteers."

Saturday is a very different arena for the 420Nurses. Nationally, there are 235 cities in seemingly every state meeting at 11AM [10AM for the early worms] to protest against Monsanto. This campaign arena, made up of various x-members from the Occupy Movement and some still functioning Occupy sites, cough Occupy Long Beach, along with the more radical naturalists who are pot-friendly and politically like-minded. 

They have hijacked the simmering food war because the signed Monsanto Protection Act and the recent Supreme Court decision favoring Monsanto turned things to a boil. 

The people and groups who were pushing the July 4th March may still put that one on, but the organizations, people that I worked with and wrote about here not long ago, will now be joining the rabble from the street corners of Occupy and Wall Street to rally against the oligarchy. 

Into this churn enter the 420Nurses. Will their magic be noticed? Stay tuned, same Nurse channel, same Nurse time, 4:20, cough, cough, late.

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