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Temecula, CA – On any given Sunday, somewhere a minister, preacher, evangelist, pastor, or reverend is 
remarking about how amazingly contemporary Jesus’ sayings were/are. One of the more well-known is, “Man lives not by bread alone.” This quote could effortlessly become ‘man doesn’t live by money only’ in a way that sends a shiver down your spine. But what if Jesus actually knew that the word ‘bread’ would be slang for ‘money’ in the future?
No biggie for the Son of God you might counter, but what if you could command such insight? What would you discover?

Sit back, Sports Fans, and read about what happened in the LA elections last week, the anti-pot shop attitude of the city councils, and how the touching photo that you see here was predicted 2000 years ago. Discover now the shocking definition of the word ‘name’ in “for my name’s sake” as used in the New Testament, KJV.

Prop D: MEDICAL MARIJUANA REGULATION AND TAXATION                         309,993                 
          Yes                193,969        62.57%        
          No                116,024         37.43%        
Ordinance E: MEDICAL MARIJUANA REGULATION                     
          Yes                  97,499        34.55%        
          No                184,681        65.45%        
Ordinance F: MEDICAL MARIJUANA REGULATION AND TAXATION                 286,934                 
          Yes                117,305        40.88%        
          No                169,629        59.12%        

When you analyze the numbers you see that out of at least 1,000,000 semi-regular pot users, 250,000 voters couldn’t be mustered to vote in a solid block to carry the issue. So how is this ‘victory’ against safe access for sick people predicted as claimed in the blaring headline?

Expounded on more in Memoirs’ [now 'on summer reading sale' Amazon] Chapter 20, Jesus’ title is part of the ritual called christening, which is an older Jewish custom of putting 3 drops of oil, cannabis oil, onto a baby’s head in the Temple. Despite and because of the translation, Jesus' title became his name and the ‘The’ was dropped.

Now let’s stop and gather our wits for a minute. What is being said here is that 2000 ago Jesus and the crew predicted that medical marijuana patients would be hassled by the man, by their neighbors, by their families, etc because of Mary Jane Green. Is that correct?

Pull out your Strong’s Concordance and follow along. Don’t have a Strong’s? Stop reading now because you won’t believe what I’m about to say.

We have all heard the persecuted ‘for my name’s sake’ meaning the times when Christians [Catholics vs Protestant and Christian missionaries vs local/majority religion] were/are set upon by the rabble. But is that what it really means?
A quick look up of the word ‘name’s’ shows the New Testament number of 3686.
3686 says from a presumed derivative of the base [word definition] of 1097 (comparable to 3685); figuratively/literally a ‘name’ [authority, character]: - called, (+surname)

3685 is a prolonged form of an apparent primitive verb to slur; for which another prolonged form is used as alternative in some tenses [unless indeed it be identical with the base of 3686 through the idea of notoriety; to gratify, to derive pleasure or advantage from:- have joy.

1097 is a prolonged form of a primitive verb; to “know” absolutely, in a great variety of applications and with many implied, as follow (in the same fashion), with others not thus clearly expressed:- allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) know(-ledge), perceive, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.

What does this show in relation to the biblical discernment brought forth in Chapter 20 of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green?

3686 or the word ‘name’s’ is the same for ‘name, names, named’, etc. so the cannabis connection is threaded. Both ‘Christ’ and ‘pot, weed, stone, grass’ are names used figuratively and literally. As illustrated by the first person narrative in Memoirs, both name groups have authority and represent a character, ‘Jesus’ is a name translation from the Greek name for the Hebrew name, ‘Mary Jane’ Green is the name translation from the Spanish name for the female plant cannabis. Christ is the surname to Jesus as pot, weed, grass, stone, and Mary Jane are surnames to hemp.

3685 bears witness to the apparent shared slur use with terms of ‘pothead’, ‘stoner’, weed smoker, ‘high on grass’, as do Bible thumper, cross-backs, and hypocrites. Unless it be identical to the base through notoriety refers to the name groups not being linked as synonymous in the press. Indeed, cannabis smokers may feel more ‘Christ-like’ in attitude and spirituality than orthodox organized Christians, who themselves see nothing in common with those who ingest cannabis. Oral gratification occurs through smoking a joint and grants people with too many ailments to list here pleasure and advantage over their malady or disadvantage. This is a reality that I have personally witnessed and been witnessed to on more news occasions than I can count, again see Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, now on summer sale at 10% off.

1097 explicitly describes the unity and closeness of any group, fraternity, or cult that is inclusive and ‘magical’/religious, plain and simple. 

As far as the ‘matrix’ passage goes, I urge everyone to read and discern the meaning of Matthew 24:24 because the ‘world has been’ not will be deceived as the ‘good book’ says. When I was 21 I would have been standing with the people in the lead story picture. Now at 67, I am proud and honored to be standing with the 420Nurses in solidarity for Mary Jane Green as the rising mountain doth rise.

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