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Temecula, CA – A funny thing happened to me on the way to my 50-year high school class reunion.

A ‘moment of clarity’ occurred in the 11th grade after I stole an infatuation moonlight kiss from a dozing Jackie Beckett that I was too embarrassed to follow up on. LMHS, or Louisville Male High School, one of the oldest in the state, had/has a rich history of overachievers.

Knowing exactly where I was now in my young life, I looked around and wondered about the future and my role in it. Standing in front of the High School trophy case later, one of two as I remember, I looked at what past graduates had accomplished.

As I looked at the various groups, there were business/civic leaders, politicians at city/state levels, several doctors, and some academia types. I shook my head. Living in the South meant a colored glass ceiling for me in the first two categories, ‘doctor’ was a stretch though the family had one, and I was tired of being in school despite my ‘Happy Days’ existence around the hallowed halls of Male.

Then my eyes spotted something almost hidden in a corner photo.

Sitting down in the corner of the dark wood trophy case was the photo of a man named Hunter S. Thompson, writer, Class of 55. Of all the people in the case, this guy seemed somehow closer to any future that I could visualize being a Male graduate.

Flash forward fifty years. The future is a lot more 1984 meets James Bond, a Specter CEO, than flying cars and moving sidewalks. Money rules but knowledge is king, however there is one trump, just like in the card game. You see, Sports Fans, wisdom trumps knowledge and money. Do I talk in riddles? Yes in a way.

Back to fellow grad Hunter S. Thompson, though getting renowned, he was denied official HS graduation due to some brush with the law I read later. I thought this was the ruling powers/establishment’s way of slinging mud onto a rebel who saw things different. I felt it also an asterisk on the school’s list of honored talent in various fields of discipline, sports, and entertainment. Since I had recently gotten positive feedback on my first piece for the Brook ‘n’ Breck, I thought to myself that maybe one day, provided I graduated which was a given barring something unforeseen, I would wipe out this lone blotch in the writer category.
Today when we look back at Thompson’s record, it is spotty. Praised by people like Leonardo DiCaprio [actor] for being a visionary, others don’t make it past ‘Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas’, a first person LSD-experience work that was turned into a movie, which starred Johnny Depp. But what stuck for me was ‘Gonzo journalism’, a style of writing a story that was invented/coined by Hunter. Bill Wundram, the long running QC Times columnist uses a variation of this style.

So where am I in my quest for in turning Male’s Silver* Crown into a platinum one? Last year when writing the much-touted, immortal-inspired, new Chapter 20, research involving the main source book ‘Green Gold, Marijuana In Magic and Religion’ [MSRP $24.95] showed the book was now selling used on Amazon for $90. Wow! Though out of print, not all books increase in monetary value. Then I forgot about it. However, recent events have led to this insider scoop.

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green was officially released on December 21, 2012; now when you check the Amazon site, you see a curious thing. A new copy can be obtained for slightly less than the $19.99 list/scanned barcode price but a ‘used’ copy is going for $35+ dollars. ???

A logical conclusion is that the ‘used’ doubled-in-price copies must be books that I have signed sometime at an event. Despite the obvious plea that I have heard from musicians signing some poster for me at a show, “You’re not going to put this up on EBay tomorrow, now are you?”, I am flattered to be included into this breaking/currently hidden market of bookselling, and glad to be able to offer my readers a double their money chance, based on current market value at press time.

Perhaps this hidden market will be exposed to the mainstream as soon as David Mamet releases his next work via the self-publication route.
Why or what is the value of this Constitutional right granted by the Number 1 Amendment?
Though David Mamet, Pulitzer winning author, stresses control and direct connection to the reader for his next work as the motivation, our hemp smoking Founding Fathers dreamt of a different future in their ‘smoked filled’ thoughts. Like God with the Bible, they planned on a day when people would be deceived by their fellow man/government. This is the reason behind the right to Self-Publish, a grace given under the First Amendment. This is the only freedom not under attack, yet.

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is not commercialized, marketed, or censored, much like the underground music that I write about. Underground means rare and undiscovered. Could there be a book value market that is based on something other than being on the New York Times Best Seller List? Maybe.

“In the beginning was the word”

(* - Since I graduated in 1963 and that was the last time I saw the old trophy case, it is entirely possible that some other author of note has fulfilled my quest. Guess I will find out at the 50-year class reunion. Stay tuned, this is a developing story.)

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