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Temecula, CA – Some of you readers are probably old enough to remember a time where when you bought a white Maytag, it came with a black agitator.

It would seem that any news about marijuana is squelched, whether it be good or bad. Very recently the news has been bad in California. Last week, the Cali Supreme Court ‘decided’ that city councils have the right to practice medicine by deciding whether medical marijuana storefronts can exist in their communal territories for doctor approved sick people. The bottom line is control and intimidation by those descended from Cain, the overwhelmingly majority of all government officials the world over. At the same time, the overseers of Cain’s lot, Monsanto, has moved a step closer to securing the Agenda 21/Georgia Guidestones world population goal of 500 Million through the now protected poisoning of babies, children, and adults. Thanks Barack, you now rank with the Bushes.

Riding into this classic fray between children and evil are, of course, the guardians of innocence, moms from across the nation. However, only one [international] group of females is fighting on both fronts, for safe food and natural, no side-effects, medication. Witness now as the Cannabis Cavalry* rides in, both on May 21st, LA’s election day on storefronts and May 25th, the international march day against Monsanto, aka resident evil. Behold, the 420Nurses [also international].

This is a complicated issue folks, a nexus point for seemingly unrelated political cause juxtaposition.

On one side you have the recent MMJ storefront court decision (the authorities-government) which looks to lock up medical weed and reopen the ‘black market’ of homegrown slingers and on the other, moms who want to know what they are feeding their kids (the controlled press says), but folks, I can tell you without a doubt from Gonzo journalism, all these moms have autistic/mental problem offspring. No one speaks for them in all the status quo/pro vaccination articles.
These moms have done the backbreaking and often frustrating job of finding out what makes their kids sick, because they know the doctors lied to them, as did the companies/products/government agencies. These people are not going away unless Monsanto waves a magic wand and makes their kids well, but be warned, if such a thing was to come true, the Bible says to ‘test’ every spirit.

Every day a new study comes out from some university that verifies the medicinal relief that ingesting cannabis, pot/marijuana, brings to all ages of people affected by the side effects of our manufactured/chemical environment. If you read or skimmed the President’s Report on Cancer, see archives, you saw it stated that 95% of all cancers are environmental. Then there is Tommy Chong, see current recent stories.
However, along with cancer and a number of other maladies affecting modern man, pot aids in anxiety relief with kids that are autistic. It is only a matter of time before this knowledge has a bearing on a huge voting segment of the population, mothers and families!
For reasons outlined in Chapter 20, Memoirs, Monsanto is working to develop GMO marijuana along with chickens, other animals, and more basic food stocks. Though Monsanto appears to be a jump ahead of the moms, the defeat of California’s Prop 37 by such a narrow and deceitful manner, plus the continuing stats of more kids made sick every day seen as moms become more health conscious, is creating a backlash of fury, fueled by arrogance from those who live by public funds and deem to rule.
Originally planned as a July 4th Moms Across America March, see current past stories, under the umbrella of a few grassroots PACs,
the passage of the Monsanto Protection Act backlash has pushed up the march date, tying it closer to the Los Angeles election that could decide the fate of pot communities statewide.

The Monsanto push back is worldwide and nationwide. 

Go to this link and find the march closest to your location. For once the battle has come to this reporter’s front door as a mass rally is planned for Temecula/Murrieta at the duck pond on that day. This time there will be no travel to OC to join John Diaz even though the rally is at the beach [Laguna].

(Sharp eyed readers will notice ‘Calvary’ in the title/preview title and ‘Cavalry’ in the text body and wonder, ‘typo?’ Not so Watson. The use of ‘Calvary’ in the titles denotes ‘ordeal’ the second def. for the word {as coming}. Certainly ‘cannabis’ brings with it an ordeal. Cavalry denotes a mounted troupe. You could say that the 420Nurses ride in on a cloud of smoke, lol.) 

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