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Temecula, CA – “The business of America is business” – Tagline from an old National Ad Agency
commercial. While that statement may seem a positive thing on the surface because business is what moves the economy, like everything else today, that statement becomes insidious when you scratch the surface meaning. If you live in America especially, look around, every subject you see is a business/cottage industry.

Besides the actual business bent, every need is commercialized into a business and you wonder where things will top out. As spelled out in Memoirs, the future and the distant past all lead to cannabis. Aside from the forces trying to eliminate or GMO Mary Jane, many ‘good guys’ seek to make money/pimp MJ out in a greed from weed/rag to riches storyline. On top of this, like a corrupt police force, people on city councils are anti-cannabis, intimidated, or callous to the plant’s benefits. Many have plans to ‘chain up’ medical access to sick patients. First, let’s hear from a medical marijuana patient Hardy Macia who doesn’t have adequate medical marijuana access where he lives.

Macia lives in a ‘chained’ area in another state.

Meanwhile in a HuffPost story only allowed 20 minutes of front page glory, medical marijuana was shown to reduce bladder cancer risk while tobacco increased the risk. Still the anti-Christian* forces labor to suppress information about cannabis from public view and scrutiny, though Mary Jane is makes news that is hard to hide under a basket. Here is a link to the latest from Tommy Chong as of two days ago.

Along with those who would try to control the news about medical marijuana are those* who have no compassion for the sick who are helped by cannabis rather than dangerous, expensive, prescription drugs. These people are the ones who make up a majority on almost any city council. On May 21, 2013, the people in the second largest city in America will seek to take back their wellness access and unchain their health with a VOTE Yes on F because Measure D is a fraud.

Backing and examining all 3 measures, two of which were written by the LA City Council as a way to eliminate access for patients by capping the number of clinic/dispensary/storefront locations. But let’s clear the air about that whole ‘official’ number of pot shops that LA has. The actual number of shops is around 470 locations scattered throughout the various LA cities. These 470 locations service approximately 15,000 people a day out of a city of 8,000,000. So doing the math shows each location should average 32 people a day. If the city gets their wish, that number will jump to 77 people a day because of reduced locations.
Aside from the increased foot and car traffic, access decreases for at least 50% of the patients, increasing the misery of people already miserable. Medical patients smoke to get normal, stoners smoke to leave normal; that’s the diff, Sports Fans.
Here’s an easier analogy. Imagine reducing all the Starbucks to just a few super stores. And now my favorite question, how do you regulate something from God and not see the blasphemous arrogance?

Along with all the cannabis culture magazines that I have seen so far, the Yes on F Measure, an initiative written by the people, for the people and championed by the Calendar’s favorite Joan ‘de Arcs, the 420Nurses, pictured below doing a ‘number’ to draw attention to a ‘hot button’ political issue currently floating smoke in a pool hall, circa 1963, the rights of a MMJ patient at the work place.

So if you happen to see a group of enchanting women bearing a familiar scent all dressed in green and white, sporting their fashions this weekend around downtown LA, you now know their political mission and where their true passion lies.

Don’t forget to vote, May 21st, and please Vote Yes On F, the MMJ Measure by and for the people, not the profiteers.

This is PT Rothschild, author of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, and I approve of Yes On F and its Council of 420Nurses.

(*- Reference is from Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete of Mary Jane Green)

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