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Temecula, CA – In the last few days a story has been trending about GMO Trees and the protest against them featuring a great lead photo. It brings a tear to your eye to know that he climbed up onto the bench so he could be eyeball-to-eyeball with the adults planning to ‘reforest’ his woods by putting in GMO trees. This ‘Yoda’ in a human guise has the noble purpose called out in Is 65:8.

Jesus praised a child’s simplicity at seeing a complex issue which might elude an adult mind through persuasion. As you look at the picture below, realize that it is not a painting. It is a GMO forest, planted with GMO corn, GMO trees, and made ‘robust’ through cycles of the Roundup Ready weed killer.

    “It felt like another planet entirely,” Childs said. “I listened and heard nothing, no birds, no clicks from insects. There were no bees. The air, the ground, seemed vacant. We (had) discovered the GM corn in rural fields near one of the nurseries.”

The above quote is from Mercola’s article about just such a field in Iowa continues,

“Yet, 100 years ago, these same fields, these prairies, were home to 300 species of plants, 60 mammals, 300 birds, hundreds and hundreds of insects,” Robert Krulwich writes. “This soil was the richest, the loamiest in the state. And now, in these patches, there is almost literally nothing but one kind of living thing. We’ve erased everything else.”

The above quote by Dr. Mercola describes what I have now observed in within a few miles of our planting areas. Genetically Engineered eucalyptus trees are covering once forested hillsides and mountains. They will be turned to pulp and shipped abroad for paper. They will release pollens that we can only pray, Nature will refuse to mingle with the native species.

After spending the last three and a half months back in Brazil, reaching our 5,200 tree mark for reforestation, I have very little to say. I am silently processing what I discovered: GMO corn and GMO eucalyptus trees are rapidly replacing the most diverse rainforest on the planet.

The small Brazilian NGO I work with said school children had described these dead forests and fields to them, while no one knew why it was so. Poor rural families simply accepted money offered to them to plant the trees on their barren hillsides, or for the promise of higher prices paid for their crops of the new corn in the cities.

When I asked people in both countryside and city, what they knew about GMOs, known there as Transgenics, few had any knowledge at all. No one seemed aware that the Lo-Cal sweetener they were using instead of natural sugar, the corn, the greens, possibly even the rice that filled our plates, were GMO loaded. They were unaware that Monsanto had bought up the vast majority of commercial seed company’s and funded the international NGO that funds the majority of environmental education.

Monsanto executives described a world with 100 percent of all commercial seeds genetically modified and patented. Anderson Consulting then worked backwards from that goal, and developed the strategy and tactics to achieve it. They presented Monsanto with the steps and procedures needed to obtain a place of industry dominance in a world in which natural seeds were virtually extinct!

Integral to the plan was Monsanto’s influence in government, whose role was to promote the 
technology worldwide and to help get the foods into the marketplace quickly, before resistance could get in the way. A biotech consultant later said, “The hope of the industry is that over time, the market is so flooded that there’s nothing you can do about it. You just sort of surrender.”

    The anticipated pace of conquest was revealed by a conference speaker from another biotech company. He showed graphs projecting the year-by-year decrease of natural seeds, estimating that in five years, about 95 percent of all seeds would be genetically modified.

    While some audience members were appalled at what they judged to be an arrogant and dangerous disrespect for nature, to the industry this was good business. Their attitude was illustrated in an excerpt from one of Monsanto’s advertisements:

“So you see, there really isn’t much difference between foods made by Mother Nature and those made by man.

What’s artificial is the line drawn between*  them.”

    To implement their strategy, the biotech companies needed to control the seeds-so they went on a buying spree, taking possession of about 23 percent of the world’s seed companies. Monsanto did achieve the dominant position, capturing 91 percent of the GM food market.”

Reading a rural magazine, I discovered that in Brazil’s Cerrado, a new method of reforestation had been devised through Monsanto’s partnership with Conservation International. There they pay local people handsomely, to collect native tree seeds that are then mixed with GM crop seeds, and spread using farm equipment to do cheap, mass reforestation.’

Look again at the map of GMO world acres and the rank in size. As you absorb this data, ask yourself where you stand.

·       Would you or your family protest topless like the FEMEN below?

·       Will you march when millions of people do on July 4 with Moms everywhere?

·       Can you spread this and other anti-Monsanto info among everyone you know that will listen, not caring about those who won’t?

·       Are you willing to monetarily boycott all the familiar brand company products that support/use GMOs?

Do you want a planet on which you can hear a pin drop, anywhere??? Help Oregon stop GMO seeds here.

(Main story sources –, May 19, 2013 article, GMO Corn and Trees Replace a Rainforest, Trees of Transformation – a video book; all emphasis – Ed, also edited for content; *- for a revealing look at the similarity between the Gen 3:18 use of ‘between’ and the use of ‘between’ here, Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, now on summer reading sale)

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