Saturday, June 1, 2013



Temecula, CA – Today most people in the United States are treated like mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed bullshit. This completely balanced Monsanto-inspired diet consisting of 50% outright lies, 25% religious
bullshit cementing organizational structures, and 25% disinformation isn’t new. Inspired by the concept of eugenics shortly before Monsanto came into being, the mushrooming of America continues unabated as now life in this country is like living in a mirror, you are shown a false reverse image of what is actually true.
On the surface, this would seem a very bad thing, and it is, but there is an air hole in this jar of fake reality for all Americans, and the peoples of the world, if they choose to take it. That air hole is the real free press, citizen journalism like the Temecula Calendar, and individual online research. Television has really become TV, cough ‘Their View’.

Presented as proof is a news story from MSN, a fluff piece about some uptight, read conservative, women who don’t want their children to see any ‘side boobage’ from young sunbathers in a public park in New York City. This attitude is reminiscent of the 420Nurses pic showing the children gathered to protest medical marijuana being in their neighborhood. –WARNING- The following report contains real life nudity. By making the jump, you agree that you are old enough and wise enough for adult content.

What makes the side boob story in Bedford-Stuyvesant a ‘red herring’ or non-story is The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society or O.C.T.P.F.A.S. The NYC group of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, and complete strangers, who love good books and sunny days, enjoy both as nearly in the altogether as the law allows. Happily, in New York City, the law allows toplessness by both men and women.
However, this is America, a place for everyone somewhere. The place for the ‘uptight’ Bed-Stuy mommies who can take the ferry to the Jersey shore is Asbury Park where a 40-year old bikini ban is about to resurrected for the same reason by Jersey moms ‘appalled’ by bikini sunbathers. You can go here to read the MSN ‘fluff’ here or scroll down to see the real story that lies outside the mirror and ‘Their View’ cough TV.

 And now, a day in the park.

You can tan in the shade and the warmth feels so good on bare skin
A group shot with the Big Apple in background

A spot is picked away from the normals

A hillside slope provides some high ground

Reading and warm sunlight can bring on a cat nap
It relieves stress to share news and views with your like-minded friends
So cosmopolitan to share a love of pulp fiction in the park on a sunny day
Then it's time to pack up and go
Heading for the subway to get back into the city
Waiting on the 'B' train
Back home reading under late cloudy skies

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