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Temecula, CA – It is said that there are many journeying on the road to Salvation but we are all at different points on it. The same thing can be said for those awakening to the evil totality in the plans of Monsanto, the increasing revealed enemy of all mankind. As one of those awakening, it is my duty as a journalist to reveal the origins behind ‘the final solution’ planned for the 99% via the matrix’

The terms ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘Sustainable Living’ sound rather innocuous in and of themselves until you scratch the surface to tie in the Georgia Guidestones, eugenics, and a prodigy named Francis Galton. Mr. Galton, a half-cousin to Charles Darwin, worked on a novel entitled Kantsaywhere from May until December 1910. The novel described a utopia organized by a eugenic religion, designed to breed fitter and smarter humans.
The modern say story line would be the basis of the movie, Idiocracy. A better society means you have more of the 'better' people populating that society. 'Better' here means academia/upper class/privileged types.

His unpublished notebooks show that this was an expansion of material he had been composing since at least 1901. Monsanto, whose mission statement is eugenics, was founded in 1901. According to the records of the United Grand Lodge of England, it was in February 1844 that Galton became a freemason at the so-called Scientific lodge, held at the Red Lion Inn in Cambridge . The Biblical reference for this is explained in Memoirs’ Chapter 20 [now on summer reading sale]. The short version is Gen. 3:15 explains that there are two different mindsets housed in an identical species.

In today’s view, that translates to one group who prizes science over what is natural, and seeks eugenics as the key to a better world versus a second group who is asking why we can’t just get along. While this view is oversimplified it serves the purpose to examine what the eugenics hold sacred, their tree of death, or life to them.

With a similarity to Agent Smith’s analogy to humankind as a cancer [The Matrix], people who buy into ‘sustainable life’ are saying that there are too many people on the planet to sustain itself. That is the lie believed by the liars.

In fact, the planet can sustain much more but it is the very people using that argument whose technology is straining the earth. And their strain is done, it seems, entirely for the motive of profit.

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