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Temecula, CA - Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson wasn’t born in Temecula, but the (religious) magic of the
area drew the Hudson family to live here for a year. As Katy Perry, international super star, Kathryn Hudson is T-town’s most famous person to date. She is our Tiger Woods without the scandal or tan.

A very short but very honest interview here gives an inside look at the star who has a leading role this time out in the sequel release of Smurfs 2, due in theatres July 31, 2013, everywhere and here too.

Rolling through the music/art scene as I do, the attitude found expressed in Katy’s interview speak to the mindset of today’s modern woman, or at least the women pushing forward and seeking positive change. But that’s on the inside, as I do with my homies, the 420Nurses, we will let the pictures do the talking about the outside of today’s modern woman, after the jump. 

Katy Perry says she is just an 'ordinary girl' and looks as ordinary as any girl well-heeled enough to attend a Superbowl, heh, heh.

Besides being a girl you could hang out with at the game, Katy is political as well, often supporting events like the Trevor Project and getting invited to party with BO at the Hiz house in DC. The dress wrapped around her fine body delivers a tongue-in-cheek to the Mittster.

But patriotic and a sports fan is one thing, does she hold up for the holidays, and not just the pack the church ones? You betcha!

Of course the bondage lace-work sleeves and all they entail is not lost on those who see it. Ellen recently tried to motorboat an unsuspecting Katy...

But who can blame her. Today's modern woman on the left coast shows just enough skin to win.

When I was a teenager, this dream was found in a Playboy underneath Pop's bed. But the times have changed. Today's modern woman is hotter, like the summers we experience now, hence the melting peppermint. I love peppermint. Candy is dandy, but lick her is quicker.

And yet, with all this sensually flowing forth, Today's Modern Woman still finds time to generate a positive influence for others.

 Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson, aka KATY PERRY

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