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Temecula, CA - Despite State legalization for recreational stoners and promises from President Barack Obama that raiding medical marijuana facilities was not a priority of the Federal government just last month again, medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Gig Harbor, Washington were raided by Drug Enforcement Agency agents, guns drawn, on Wednesday. The story was scrubbed like Zimmerman’s on national NBC which said the state ‘just decriminalized’ the drug leaving out legalized by the State’s voters through election.

One of the dispensaries was the Bayside Collective in Olympia, the state capital, where seven government vehicles converged Wednesday morning. Agents with guns drawn seized business records and about $2,500 worth of marijuana intended for cancer patients, Casey Lee, who works at the clinic, told NBC station KING of Seattle.

"It's humiliating," Lee said. "They don't get to see the cancer patients.  One of the DEA agents said: 'This is your second raid and your third robbery. Why do you keep doing this?'" Lee said. "I just told him it's because we just enjoy helping people, and he told us that he wasn't expecting that answer."

Like people looking at Trayvon Martin, all pot smokers are judged to be stoners, and like Nazi Germany, the weak are preyed upon for population control. So you have to ask yourself: Is Obama too much of a ‘boy’ to collar in the Bush appointees, too wushed to fire or transfer them and replace with people who follow a President’s orders [certainly Bush stacked his own deck], or is it just the plain truth that Obama is just another politician and the redneck backlash is from a lack of respect rather than total racism, though there is plenty of that? You be the judge.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, several search warrants involving marijuana storefronts in King, Pierce, and Thurston Counties were executed Wednesday. Criminal Defense Attorney Douglas Hiatt said he was made aware of four raids.

"What we heard from a DEA agent that talked to one of my clients that was at the scene was that there were 18 targets or 18 places that they were going to hit," said Hiatt.

DEA spokesperson Jodie Underwood will not confirm that or provide many details about the search warrants because it is ‘an ongoing investigation.’

At Seattle Cross, medical marijuana patient Leif O'Leary was surprised to see the closed sign and a note about the DEA on the door.

"You can't tell me there isn't bigger fish to fry, especially now that recreational marijuana is legal. It is just to me inconceivable that this is still happening," said O'Leary

The ‘leaked’ official source says the raids were a continuation of an investigation that became public in 2011 when the DEA raided several pot dispensaries. The raids were not the federal government making a statement about pot use in Washington State, the source says. The raids involved people incriminated in 2011 who did not plead or go to trial. Only four pot dispensaries were raided said the source but there is no confirmation on this at press time.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's Seattle office confirmed in a brief statement that "several search warrants were executed today involving marijuana storefronts" in the Puget Sound region around Seattle. It gave no further details, and the number of raids remained unclear Wednesday evening.

Washington was one of the first states to legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana last year. But it remains illegal under federal law, and Lee claimed one of the agents told him, "Things are going to be hell for you."

And every other American, vet or otherwise, because as we all know, there is just no money to be made if you are well.

(DREW MIKKELSEN and CHRIS INGALLS, M. Alex Johnson all contributed to this story; all drawings courtesy 420Nurse Summer Rain; emphasis and opinion, Ed)

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