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Temecula, CA – What with the White House scandals, Obama’s man Morsi being booted in Egypt, and the ‘my son could look like Trayvon Martin’ remark haunting him, it seems like the po’ boy can’t catch a break this summer. Now comes the summer issue of Rolling Stone magazine highlighting [no pun intended] marijuana, the illegal drug that Obama boasted and joked of using recently at the Press Club Dinner. When something cool becomes so hot that the squares claim it as their own, how can the President of the United States keep his head in the sand any longer?

It came out on June 20, nine days before my birthday and it was presented to me at a birthday celebration by one of the Spoonbills. As I looked at the magazine with the masthead motto, “All The News That Fits”, the four laughing, curly to ‘fro, stacked, dog pile faces in the Venice Beach sand with the story title ‘The Doobie Brothers’ said it all. As if to reinforce my conclusion the side headlines listed: Special Section – The New Stoned Age; How We Won The War On Pot by Bill Maher; Too High To Fail: Inside Denver’s Weed Boom; The Pot Movement’s Power Broker; PLUS: Is It Bad For You? We review this issue’s info in case you missed it on the stands.

In an effort to keep this relevant to both old time readers who know the real deal and new readers picked up on vacation that are not hip to the deep deception about pot [see Memoirs, out now], catch-up explanation will be brief.

The Doobie Brothers, a musical/pot slang reference, is really a profile piece on the four main actors in the trending summer comedy This Is The End. Only two of the stars smoke pot and it is Seth Rogen who is the most philosophical about it, and that is as a stoner, keeping it personal.

How We Won The War On Pot, re-titled inside to The New Stoned Age by Bill Maher. The standup comedy title and the picture of Bill Maher trying to get a contact high off Snoop D. Lion‘s jacket that ‘smelled like Otto’ a while back says it all. The third page, single column story seeks to blow political smoke up everyone’s skirt while sounding a positive note on the cash register. I won’t say ‘phoned in’ but I will say written during a potty break, and not while smoking a doobie.

Weed City, USA, the story on Denver’s pot scene since the state legalized marijuana could have been written about the Colorado silver boom days. So enamored with themselves one entrepreneur in the trendiest location said, “Denver blows Amsterdam away. Absolutely kills it.” Like any other ‘gold rush’ economy, which is estimated at 110 billion in revenue nationally, some people are making a lot of money; others are experimenting and collecting heirloom seeds from around the world. Though not named, ‘dabbing’ super crystallized hash oil wraps up the piece as a teaser.

Debunking the Myths, is a one pager that relists the myths and tells you who is spreading them, but doesn’t really debunk anything. The truly sage advice that we potheads can agree with is, “If someone is smoking one or two joints a week,” says Columbia University Prof Meg Haney, “the consequences are probably going to be very, very, very minimal.”

Hollywood High, the 10 greatest stoner movies of all time (ITOO, in their own opinion), and they give them to you starting with numero ono. What douches.

10. True Romance (1993) with Brad Pitt as stoner with bong on couch

  9. Soul Plane (2004) Snoop Dog, who brought chronic to Compton

  8. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) Keanu Reeves

  7. Friday (1995) Chris Tucker career launch; ‘puff, puff, give (pass)’

  6. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) I went this summer

  5. How High (2001) Method Man, Redman, stoner geniuses at Harvard

  4. Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie (1980) /Pee Wee Herman; best of 3

  3. Pineapple Express (2008) Seth Rogen, James Franco vehicle

  2. Dazed and Confused (1993) true view of small town pot use, 1976

             1. The Big Lebowski (1998) Jeff Bridges is the ultimate hippie hero

                          (Left off the list is anything with Jay and Silent Bob)

Crazy high times: the rise of hash oil, a third page section about BHO, or wax, again hardened or congealed hash oil usually gold in color and ‘dabbed’, or put on a glowing surface for smoke release. Highly concentrated weed hit, not for first-timers.

The iPod of getting baked, a tiny story on the same page about pocket pen vaporizes that vape liquid hash oil. The most ‘see how cool we are’ quote here is the blatant, “Being in Colorado, I can smoke (the vape pen) anywhere, it’s so discreet.”

The Stoner Girls, is a column article about a ten webisode comedy short. The show, High Maintenance, is about the depression that hums in the background of your life, and how people treat it with weed that is delivered by bike messenger in New York City. Produced by Ben Sinclair, Katja Blichfeld.
The bait ‘n’ switch here is the title, what girls? The bike rider is male. Unless everyone he delivers to is a girl. That sounds more like an old porno. I think it is pretty obvious of which bunch of girls I thought, no, hoped this story was about.

Friends in high places, this piece outs some famous and some surprising people who smoke weed, along with a little blurb about them. They are in no particular order and without the blurb [buy the mag for that]. Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Jared Polis, Pat Robertson, George Soros, Woody Harrelson, Andrew Sullivan, Morgan Freeman, Jamen Shively.

The dirty little secret of grow ops, tells of the cost to the environment done by unlicensed, illegal wild pot grows. Many of these spots are tended by undocumented farm laborers. The pot grown here is intended entirely for the recreational pot market.

The next 3 articles are listed in order but skip over the actual next magazine story because that story deserves to round out ‘all the news that fits’ Rolling Stone.

United States of Pot, shows a map of the states, going from very light lime green descending to
midnight green, pot status from legal to harshly prosecuted. Needless to say, this is strike two for Florida if you are black and like to smoke weed, ditto for Kentucky though that could change for the Bluegrass State.

Wiz and Wavves’ edible odyssey features Wiz Khalifa and Nathan Williams (Wavves) take on edibles, called ‘space cakes’. Reviewed are a Chocolate O.G. Cake Pop, an O.G. Bar, one Melt In Your Mind Pecan Pie, and a Butterscotch Bar, this is a good article for tourist or people unfamiliar with edibles because the ‘stone’ is different eaten than smoked or vaped.

The Hollywood Princess who keeps Snoop blazed, meet Dr. Dina, queen of medical marijuana in L.A. though second to last in my review, this is the last story post on pot and the first one that uses the correct name and theme of the entire plant, cannabis. From there the story reverts of fluff; the story of a poor little rich goody-two-shoes who happened to be at Snoop’s lawyer’s house one day and smoked her first joint with the Dog. After a personal view of how cannabis actually helps with cancer, she is a ‘medical-cannabis consultant’ for Snoop, 2 Chainz, and appears on Good Day LA as a medical marijuana expert.
Once again I was shocked to see a different story outcome than I imagined. Though Dr. Dina is pixie cute, I think Dr. Patel, who has been a MMJ doctor a lot longer, is hotter.

The real Drug Czar. Long time readers and though who have read my book Memoirs know that I designed and printed tee shirts for the Prop 215 initiative in 1996. Not being as politically astute then as now, I found out that George Soros put in $5M to fund the initiative. I sent him a shirt, as thanks, General Delivery, New York City. Ten days later I got a reply. It was from Ethan Nadelmann.
The three and a half page article is worth the price of admission, that and the tidbit factoid that medical marijuana evidence goes back to 2900BC, somewhere between the Sons of God in Gen 6 and the Flood in Gen 7 chronologically.
When you understand that Nadelmann isn’t a stoner, has a rookie’s knowledge of weed, says he’s in it for States Right [mentioned only once in the article], and is buds with George Soros, also mentioned in the article, you have to ask yourself, “Of course Vargas does not drink…does not smoke…does not make love. What do you do, Vargas?” Nadelmann's organization is

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