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Temecula, CA – After hearing/reading numerous comments before and after the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, I can no longer sit on the fence as this is turning into something political. So let me share some thoughts.

America is a house divided because it is an enigma.

As I watched George Zimmerman in his taped interview say the killing of Trayvon Martin, he felt, was God’s plan, I was struck by the look on his face. He was at peace and seemed a bit pleased.
I immediately flashed back to the killer of Elizabeth Amirian, ‘Bipsy’, and how he had seemingly rationalized his killing of the local artist who was his fiancé at the time. Even at the end of the verdict sentencing, he tried to control the damage he had caused. A killer’s motive may differ but in the end the view is always the same, ‘it wasn’t my fault’.

America as a land started in the age of conquests for the rising Roman Catholic nations looking for more wealth and power. The nations of God believe in divine privilege. This belief was fostered by the Church over the pagans [any group settled enough to not be called savages]. After the Church split, this belief that certain kinds of people have inherent privilege over others was passed on unabated. A simple research of the KKK proves this as the Klan is a Protestant Christian organization. Hitler was a Protestant Christian, not a pagan, heathen, savage, or a Jew. He also didn't run Nazi Germany alone in a vacuum.

The people who first ‘settled’ this country brought their Protestant Christian god, their religious world view, and the private owner/profit system with them. The indigenous people they met had no such system, religion, and no firearm weapons. As a result, the Native Americans, as they are called now, including the Pechanga Tribe of Temecula [“Valley of the morning mist”, aka marine layer fog] were stripped of their land and made to sign US Peace Treaties, of which not a single one was EVER honored, no matter the tribe. This historical fact was even made fun of by The Simpsons (“…and here we have the Native American float made entirely from [desecrated] peace treaties.”) Other tribe groups were slaughtered, given diseases for eradication, or forcibly put into the populace. Racism? Probably. Profit motif? Definitely.

The fact that Christians, both sects, are clannish or feel set apart comes down through the Jewish origin of the religion, which is the first religion to be collectively inclusive. A talent, such as musical ability may have an ancestral path but the Jewish bloodline is both a racial trait and a religious heritage. As most conservative/racial white Christians I know [and have smoked pot with*] believe the white race to be a ‘lost tribe’ of the Jews AND all modern day American Christian religious icons are depicted as ‘white/Italian’ in format, being white, Christian, and racist isn’t much of a stretch. Also since the guy the religion is based on famously said he didn’t come to start a new religion, the power expressed through the religion is akin to that of a loaded gun. It can protect or it can purify, two other common threads found in Judaism.

Slavery is another common theme in the Bible and therefore accepted by some as the fate of others. Though it existed for thousands of years and included all the groups on man via warfare, slavery as a business model for profit started with the founder of Islam. Taking a page from Genesis 37, the Muslim Arabs sell their African brothers to the Christian Europeans who remake them in their own ‘divine ‘ image.

After the failed experiment of using lower class/unprivileged whites as indentured servants and noting the disadvantage of using your own lower class as a slave, captured Africans and dark-skinned people from other areas were brought into the U.S. slavery market as a psychological/Biblical solution. As with Joseph, certain dark-skinned males found favor while  females were taken against their will and a varied shade non-white racial group developed. Unlike the ‘mixed race’ group of South Africa, America’s mixed race group consisted of the offspring from any white and any non-white from anywhere, whether local or brought in.

My mother’s grandmother was an octoroon, having one-eighth ‘black/non-white’ blood, and was fairer than Dorothy Dandridge but she worked hard all her life as a hotel maid, dying at thirty-six, my grandmother told me. She had two daughters, my great-grandmother and my great aunt, and neither was by a ‘black’ man. The father of the first daughter, a French traveling salesman who was a Jew, came back to the small town several years later looking for her after he heard that she had gotten pregnant and bore a child. By that time, my great grandmother had left the small Kentucky town and moved to Louisville with a black barber husband for security. She had dated neither father; both had fucked her on her job. She was sixteen when she bore my grandmother. Had this not happened, I would still have name Rothschild, but I wouldn’t be Jewish.

George Zimmerman is right.

 (*- See the upcoming story, A Weed In Tall Grass)

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