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Temecula, CA – As the summer of 2013 comes to a close, like a person taking that final beach stroll
at the end of vacation, a look back to the summer provides a plan for moving into winter.

It has been almost nine months since Memoirs officially dropped on Amazon. As a first time self-published author this journey has been both an end and a beginning for me. The book’s exhibition also showcased my recent personal journey.

Though the summer vacation started for me on June 5th, my deceased father’s birthday and the day I graduated high school 50 years ago, all this summer I felt Mary Jane’s mystical presence in my life, witnessed by others as coincidence, i.e., print headlines/magazine stories. 

My Male High class reunion was journey’s end for my double life as a secret pot head. I revealed my affiliation with cannabis and why. I told the class, “The scenic route from graduation to being in Southern California is told in Memoirs through my association with marijuana. God always knew, now everyone else knows that doesn’t live in So Cali.”

Marijuana is hot. Talk is starting about cannabis, 20 states have some form of medical pot plan, and two states have opened the door to full legality. It seems like everyone and his brother the doctor, all have a book out or coming out. Rumor is Dr. Phil is even working on one. Who knows? So I wonder how a little known man with no fanfare living in a place with no outside access on weekends can rise to the top of the Best Seller List? I don’t wonder ‘if’ I just wonder how?

There are two reasons for not wondering if. The first is religious.

Pot is in the Bible. When you know where and how, then you understand why it is ridiculous to try and control something that is magical. Add in the theme from the Gospel of Judas, that Jesus put him up to selling the Messiah out [substantiating ‘the greatest conspiracy ever known’, History’s Greatest Conspiracies100 Plots, H. Paul Jeffers (2004)] and you have someone extraordinarily aware of himself and purpose in life. You have a person who knew the word ‘bread’ would someday mean ‘money’.

Revealed in Memoirs is the link between the empire's money system and what is written to happen to it through cannabis, because the two are at the heart of the battle between Good and Evil, between what’s right/correct vs the love of/for money. Jesus was marked for death when he disrupted the synagogue’s money flow thereby threatening the societal pecking order as accepted to be correct. The idea of ‘kingship’, of leadership starting from the top and flowing out/down to the people is sacred and pivotal to what we understand as social order. The use of money fortifies the order.
Jesus violated all the traditional norms: traveling in a mixed group, Sabbath rules, being dirty, drinking alcohol, and mingling with ‘sinners.’ Packing the punch to back up his outrageous behavior with magic/miracles, healings, kindness, and sermons, he fought for the Jews to leave the money system ruled by the god Mammon. In dying Jesus played out the words of Star Wars’ Obi Won, becoming in death immensely more powerful than in life. We pray to Jesus but any minister will tell if asked, the Spirit that answers the prayer, the one Jesus said he would send, is feminine by tradition. [Technically, we pray through Jesus by saying ‘in the name of’]

Reason number two is also metaphysical but not in the Bible sense. It seems more in the bewitched/twilight zone. Reason number two is rarely discussed or even debated, but the evidence of reason two is recorded historically.

The Bible is called the testimony of God’s intervention into the life of Mankind. The Jews walked and talked with God and even had access to his delegated ‘son’. Every other religion or religious order goes down in hierarchy; great Spirits, angels, chosen prophets, visions, visitations, etc. Outside of the Bible other records, legends, and artifacts paint just as wondrous a world beyond the picture of Bible reality.
It is in this outer reality where a group of women known as The 3 Fates live. Please use the link here to check them out, but rest assured these female beings exist though they are almost buried in 
the shadows of antiquity. Since the name of one of the women can be said to be the origin of the modern word ‘clothes’ and clothes were at the very beginning for humans, first as leaf aprons (Gen 3:7) and then as skins (Gen 3:21), these women are a part of our mythos.
When humans began to live in settlements, they grew herb crops and wove clothes from them, continuing the tie-in to The Fates. But the herb crops in the Bible do more than tell of cannabis use. Several passages describe the plant itself as glistening grass, Gen 1:11, 12, 29, 30; 2:5; 3:18; 9:3; to do (be used) and make (use of) in the broadest sense and widest application, Psalms 104:14; where people grow the herb – courtyards, hamlets; wake ‘n’ bakes Isaiah 18:4, and that cannabis, the female version, is an intelligent plant that brings luminousness and prosperity Isaiah 26:19, 2Kings 4:39 [herb #6212, #6213; herbs #216, #219– Strong’s Concordance]
In accordance with this new found Biblical knowledge, the creative photo luminousness that I have witnessed (and used), the activist attitude, and the ‘one love’ expressed en masse like a Greek sorority toward the cannabis culture with the goal of uniting all the marijuana markets, medical, recreation, business, etc., the plan is to attend a seminar given by the 420Nurses this weekend to see how they can advance my book in sales through their expertise in marketing.

On my side of the fence the goal is to format the book for the tablet/kindle market, a growing book reading segment, and to do an audio version, a request from local friends in a market made for folks who commute. A local recording studio from Strike Twelve has been found for this venture. Logistics are being worked out.

Fall is coming. Time for Mary Jane Green and me to take our story to market.

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