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Temecula, CA – Many of my music stories start at The Vault but it is rare that a food review begins at the locally renowned underground music, read all-ages, venue. In a magical valley, magic just happens and so this food review originates in the Ivan Promotions office, on the big guy’s desk actually.

Popping in as I usually do to drop my gear so I can properly ‘social butterfly’, my keen nose caught the whiff of something tasty. Opening the white Styrofoam takeout container revealed an appetizing pile of marinated chicken that was delicious. Finding out it was from a place named Ming’s made me reply, “Flash Gordon would eat here.”

Once upon a time in Murrieta there were two really excellent Chinese restaurants. One moved away and the other changed ethnic owners. Now based off online reviews, if all the local spots are "1 really great Chinese Takeout Restaurant Opening" away from being closed, that prophecy may be here, like the last Pope.

Opening recently is Ming’s, which originated in Guangzhou, China, about 25 years ago. Ming’s has been servicing San Francisco & San Diego, CA for over 18 years. The chef ‘is proverbial and daring to challenge new tastes by creating dishes such as: Cantonese-style roast duck; pan fried shrimp with maggi sauce; sesame chicken; spicy honey shrimp; Szechuan spicy beef…and more dishes that you will never forget.’

I had the sesame chicken and off the lunch menu ($8.95).

The restaurant is located just down from the Tilted Kilt off Ynez at the Promenade/Palm Plaza side. Spacious with classy efficiency, the place was mostly empty at the late lunch period for sit-in dinners. Easily seen chef cook and food preparers could be seen making each main dish order to perfection to which the waitress adds the sides, fried rice, in my case.

The lunch portion was very ample with enough meat for the rice on a second two serving day.

What was unforgettable however was the taste. The chicken and especially the sauce, was better than finger-licking good. The meat was tender and succulent. It appeared to be thigh but it was not dark meat or a cheap cut of chicken. The plan is to inquire about breast meat dishes on my next visit. The fried rice was also a proper choice over the steamed selection judging by the waitress’ reaction. Also delicious without very much fried egg, a decided plus in my opinion since I don’t do eggs, the whole dish re-heated to just cooked freshness the second day, owning to the quality of food ingredients used.

Though I can’t speak for an eat-in review, I can attest that the "1 really great Chinese Takeout Restaurant Opening" has happened. But as I sometimes say in my stories, don’t just take my word for it. Here is the link to the lunch menu. 

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