Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Author PT Rothschild is proud to announce that he has engaged the high class modeling activist agency, 420Nurses, in officially promoting his current book release, MEMOIRS OF MR. PETE & MARY JANE GREEN, now available on

“Having done a number of stories about the group since I first met them in December of last year, the 420Nurses have impressed me with their professional organization that is rapidly expanding nationally and internationally. Finding the goals of advancing worldwide cannabis medical education, positive self-esteem reinforcement, beauty, and activism through the promotion of a modern lifestyle, marketing, and photography fit perfectly in line with the dissemination of hereto secret revelations concerning the fall of Capitalism because of cannabis, as detailed in Memoirs’ Chapter 20, the last book chapter, led to the decision to merge our efforts,” said the author.

Today in union with the 50 year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s March On Washington in 1963, the commencement of the 420Nurses promoting Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green begins.

Details for the agency to rep the book were worked out at the last NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) activist meeting held in Los Angeles, the area where the 420Nurses began and are headquartered, over the weekend.

Starting next Monday, 9/2, a serialized excerpt of Chapter 20 will debut for fans on 420Nurses to read in advance of a website advertizing campaign which is set to begin in October and run through Christmas.  

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