Friday, August 30, 2013


Jon Lajoie and Summer Rain weigh in on the controversy

Temecula, CA – As you can see per Wednesday’s press release, I have engaged the 420Nurses to rep for Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. While there are those who are not surprised by this move, I hope there are no readers who think this move was for prurient interests only.

While eye candy is nice and the 420Nurses photos gracing stories like 50 Shades and Don’t Judge Me are hot, I have come to know the organization of artists/patients as people, not objects. People have thoughts and opinions and after seeing Mika on the Morning Joe get so aghast at Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, I was happy to see some kickback from my new reps, the 420Nurses.

The following editorial and music vid come from the newly promoted VP of the 420Nurses, Summer Rain, and her blog at the site.

“There is so much controversy and buzz over Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs on Sunday. She is HARDLY the first female in the limelight to mature and come out through her sexuality on stage and now I've read Cyrus' performance has come to being about race. That her "twerking" appropriates black culture?

That is ridiculous! Comedian Jon Lajoie goes on to call out critics and the music industry with this song, "Miley, You're A Good Girl."

Couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Within a day this song reached over 700,000 views on YouTube. It’s so hypocritical, let the girl live! Why is she criticized when other pop stars are expected to act the same way. The song is perfectly on point if you ask me, funny, however very on point. It's what we all want, ask for and feed off of.

Whether you like it or not, Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming an icon and its very obvious she won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. Even her view on marijuana is completely distorted in the headlines.
“When I smoke, I don’t get that sick feeling I get when I drink, or that anger rising up,” she said to Style Australia. “There’s a reason Bob Marley was like some kind of Rasta Mother Teresa.”

Headlines are saying with her influence on fans she should be less vocal about her lifestyle. At 19 she was spotted leaving NOHO Compassionate Caregivers proving she is a part of the Prop 215 medical marijuana movement, not just some stoner hippie that we would praise, like John Lennon or even a more popular Wiz Khalifa. I’m a big 'Taylor Gang' Wiz Khalifa music fan and it’s no secret that Wiz has a huge love and dedication to cannabis.
So is [this controversy] because she's female? When movies and TV shows feature women smoking pot, it’s almost always as an act of rebellion or breaking character. Even in admitting Marijuana is safer for her than alcohol regardless of being under the legal drinking age, just because this star is well, a star, she is scrutinized. Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States.

Over 83 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once [said a recent study]. Over 12 million had used the drug in the month before the survey.
Another survey, which is conducted yearly, includes students from 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. In 2001, the survey showed that 20 percent of 8th-graders have tried marijuana at least once, and by 10th grade, 20 percent were “current” users (that is, used within the past month.) Among 12th-graders, nearly 50 percent had tried marijuana/hash at least once, and about 22 percent were current users.

It’s time we all come together to decriminalize, legalize, and rationalize. Time to take action and stop focusing useless hours on nonsense. We need conformity to make this world go round .Since everyone has decided to freak out over Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards, and keep freaking out over Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV Video Music Awards, and have not stopped posting on Facebook about Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs, we definitely needed a strong dose of reality through song.
And for that, Jon Lajoie, we thank you.” - Summer Rain, VP, 420Nurses

(All emphasis – Ed)

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  1. Whatever the reason was, i always loved Miley but now she's like a slut to me who would do anything for publicity. I don't understand, she is famous and her songs are awesome, why would she need to do such stupid acts. It makes her look desperate.

    I get unintentional stints like what happened with pitbull when he got erection for j lo but this is immature.

    Grow up seriously.