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Temecula, CA – Though a number of stories here have featured exclusive 420Nurses photo art while other stories have tried to spotlight this groundbreaking organization, the Nurses themselves have remained more than a stethoscope’s length away from my actually spending some real face time the way I normally do in my reporter fashion. And I’m not a chat room person.

The Nurses story so far has been told through pictorial interpretation or as being a part of the bigger event going on. However, as the unofficial Ambassador of the group to the activist world outside the medical cannabis culture, the Nurses and I have developed a repoire. 

On the other hand, you can only admire a work of art for so long before you have to meet up with the artist who painted the masterpiece. With the 420Nurses, that artist would be  
Cha Cha VaVoom.

Heading up an international organization and attending events means a busy schedule. My schedule isn’t exactly nursing home static either, but as I foretold C.C.’s admin/Chapter leader Summer Rain (pictured below), the magic of Mary Jane would make our paths cross. Lo and behold, the ‘dedication day’ event held at the Green Pearl in Pacoima was ‘X’ marks the spot.

The trip up to and through the San Fernando Valley wasn’t exactly uneventful but a short walk from the bus stop brought a familiar sight from past event photographs into view. It was the waving, semi-cheerleader style, pointing out the banner sign, bevy of green clad shapely young women in nurse hats bearing the insignia 420. The significance of the number, the color green, and the medical outfits all attest to the natural health side of cannabis, a fact the government, the Church, and the UN deny collectively exists [For the astonishing reason why they do, go here]

The combination photo shoot and patient appreciation day gave me a look into the organization skills on an individual and group level. Having been a witness to many various and sundry group participation, social to political to church to school to fraternity, I can tell you the 420Nurses run a tight ship. There were approximately 14 different 420Nurses inside at times, in a location that was long and narrow. No one got tangled up, looked out of place, had more perfume on than another, or appeared lost, a credit to group function in purpose. 

When you understand that all these young women are medical patients with ailments that are eased with the ingestion of cannabis in some form or fashion and that the organization, which numbers now in the tens of thousands started as a result of Halloween costumes, you realize it is only a matter of time before the world notices this unique group of women model activists.

The Green Pearl afforded a working atmosphere to see the leadership of CEO Cha Cha and her main co-hart Summer Rain in action after having seen a multitude of event/entertainment photos and their cute girly videos. The few times that we all crossed paths were usually event photo ops with me grabbing some book shots. This was different.

Having seen Cha Cha in action before speaking at meetings like NORML or leading her corps of Nurses, watching her set things up was right to par. She is a professional but was also cordial and genuinely glad to see me. I was likewise through the glazed look on my face. Drinking in the sight of so many attractive, read hot, sexy, young women in as much attire as a Playboy bunny is a bit overwhelming for any man. [I didn’t even mention the group at my Class of 63 Reunion party]

At first I was the only man there besides the shop owners. That soon changed with Summer Rain and her second unit outside waving hands and hips at passing medical patients.

Before long a number of patients started coming in. The budtender who works there, as the 420Nurses were there to promote, is a patient who uses cannabis to treat migraines and her arthritis. I doubt she is over 25. Though she didn’t look disabled or sickly, quite the opposite in fact, cannabis enabled her to have a life of social normalcy. This day she was working without medication but probably getting a contact high from all the festivities.

Cha Cha was shooting photos but the group had a perky girl Friday personal photographer recording the Green Pearl day. Her name is Le Bleu. Here she is spotted leaning over a rear counter to grab a group shot.

Before and after patients gathered with the 420Nurses for photos to record the scene, food was available that included finger sandwiches, deep-fried small meat-filled blintzes, and desert layered mini cakes that may have been medicated.

Though every business photo op is different, the Green Pearl provided a small back stage area for the 420Nurses to sample the wares, including dabs.

Summer Rain exhibited the poise and expertise in her opening room presentation of a speaker ten years her senior coupled with the natural exuberance of someone who loves their subject.

There is no doubt who the Queen Bee is in this hive of honeys but as I watched the flow of the group and the movement of activities, even on breaks, I would say these 3 Amigos, pictured below, managed the day [Lexi, Summer Rain, Tinker Toke].

OK, we have seen a lot of the 420Nurses. We know they are hot, but what are they beyond looks and animal magnetism? The Calendar answers that question next!

Be here for Not Just Another Pretty Place – Nurse’s Paradise, Marketing The 420 Brand Beyond Activism.

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