Thursday, August 22, 2013



Temecula, CA – This morning two things happened, unconnected to each other, that made me write this story.

The first is the swearing in of a brand new American Citizen today down in San Diego. I know the Filipino man who is being shown in. He is a neighbor in the hood I live in. He is a devout Christian and always makes both the Wednesday and Sunday worship services at his church. A hard worker, the time he has spent in this country has enabled him to send money back to the island for his wife and kids. After being here for six years he applied for citizenship about six months ago.

When he first told me about it, I asked him if he was sure, given America’s world involvement and financial bolstering. But the Miami Heat fan would not be deterred. American life and culture, and perhaps America’s military might be the power teet even the Muslims are eager to live under.

The other morning thing was the last Pope’s announcement today that God told him to quit in some religious ecstasy.

While I sit here or go there, pushing my Memoirs book and hanging with 420Nurses, the fate of the world moves closer to the awaiting destiny and our fate with it. Worldly there is climate change. Globally there is the Middle East crisis and America’s reach. Nationally there is the ongoing GMO issue. Overall it seems like business and stress as usual. But what is going on cosmically because that is where destinies lie? 

Everyone agrees that it is ‘the last days’ mwaaaah, but most people polled act like the term is ‘the last years’ as folks say, ‘naw, won’t happen in my lifetime, maybe my kids, or grandkids.’
However, it would seem that the last days schedule is being kept on track with the admission that God asked Pope Benedict to quit as if checking his watch. Time’s up.

Logic dictates that ‘God’ [if it was God who asked the Pope to quit,] must have done so because of outside unstoppable events that are to take place during the last Pope’s predicted reign are imminent. Though this individual divine intervention doesn’t happen often, it does happen as in the instruction to name the baby Jesus, Jesus.

As the old spiritual goes, “In that land of perfect day, when the mists are rolled away,  we will understand it better, by and by.”

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