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Temecula, CA – In every war campaign, you have ‘the front’, the point of contention; the battles
and outcomes; and the generals on both sides.

In the war of the serpent’s seed vs. the woman’s seed [Gen 3], these last days in Revelation have produced a battle for the people’s stomachs that feed the hearts and minds of those you hear about in patriotic prose, at least on the widely visible plane.

Food, long a siege weapon, is again being used as a weapon of extinction through the almost legislated use of ingredients detrimental collectively to the human body. Leading this uphill battle are people that I know, wise women and moms like Pamm Larry, Zen Honeycutt and Kathleen Hallal, along with 300 Iowa farmers including Howard Vlieger. Throwing bingo parties and webinar interviews, the way forward appears gloomy in a Goth way.

The foes, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and ALEC seem political cartoon invincible and would be if the fight against GMOs/glyphosates (glī ′-fo-sates) was based off the front line victories. However in the battle of Good against Evil, victory comes at the end of the battle, not at the front. As a war correspondent, I cover the war’s wake. The Occupy ground level view of the war is a bit different.

You see Sports Fans, Occupy was never about winning, it was about awakening. At LA we never expected Mayor Anvil to come and admit to us ‘the system is broken, banks are in control, but we, as a city, are going to do the right thing from now on.
As reported here during Occupy LA, it was LA’s mollycoddling versus every other big city head-busting mayor [except Philly] that brought the infamous 50 mayor conference call in to AnVil. However by that time the household word rule had been issued to a host of social ills, including an igniting of the education concerning commercial food processing and the chemicals added that are unsafe, untested sufficiently, and fostered like a master population experiment. Agenda 21, anyone?
Victory can never be had through direct competition because the individual must be snapped out of the dream that is the American Dream. Though it goes much deeper, this is the unplugging from the matrix. This is the awakening beginning.

The generals see only the back and forth. The household rule is ‘when a subject breaks into 2% of the population census, it becomes a household word. That means people are thinking on the subject which is now a current topic. If the topic has merit, then a trend starts. For Occupy, one of the things that got boasted to trend level is GMO engineering and the tie-in to a manufactured environment causing health and genetic problems.
Much like the typical view of the universe, us and God only, the generals’ view is all black or white, therefore all food companies are GMO unless labeled not. That is to propose that everyone is in bed with or attached to Monsanto/big ag. 

In reality it is the big-box mainstream‘s popularly advertised brands that contain the majority of crap. Many small companies do use quality ingredients, but as always, you must read the label and judge for yourself by the list, especially HFCS.

A local Bayou restaurant I visited not long ago had a well-known brand name ketchup that featured the disclaimer ‘Contains No High Fructose Corn Syrup’. In restaurants I hit on my class reunion road trip results yielded that all the servers, all young people, knew about HFCS and what drinks didn’t have them. There are also noGMO labeled, glutton-free products now found in the 99Cent store chain, enabling a cheap source of real food for the 99%, or those who live in the areas served.

As the no-GMO generals ready Washington State for label GMO legislation, a battle eerily foretold on my latest band tee [truth under attack – pop punk], more and more small little known under the radar regional labels are being found to be still pure, much like the music of the all-ages genre. The reason for this is that most people in small business want to deliver a quality product that is safe for consumption, just like they want to get for their families. Now as the majors see shopping trends and food trends coincide, the small independent restaurant will play the pivotal role in the war to win American and Canadian stomachs from those who would profit from slow sickening death.

In the wake of the GMO battle night, a new dawn is rising as the final victory for those who become aware of their food and their children’s food. Not aware, get aware here.

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