Monday, September 23, 2013



Temecula, CA – Shortly I will make another trip up to LA returning to the Green Pearl clinic in
Pacoima, a part of the San Fernando Valley. This area is more like Menifee in appearance than here but not as washed out as the old parts of Hemet. Of course the San Fernando Valley is also noted for having ‘Valley Girls’.

I don’t know much about Valley Girls but I do know about nurses, 420Nurses, an innovative MMJ group which is inspiring women to kick prescription meds and go with the real thing, cannabis and good diet, thus boosting each member’s self esteem and independence. These are the seeds of inner beauty.

As pointed out in earlier stories about the group, it is easy to miss the medical issues when you are surrounded to the point of submission by beauty and kindness. Looking at the two women sitting in front of me that day in Pacoima, I knew I was about to get an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Rather than read a lot of words, the simple narrative pictures will tell the tale.

I watched as Summer Rain took a hit of dab vapor after Tinker Toke [‘Tink’] heated the flat nail surface.

Still processing the ‘why’, I have to acknowledge that seeing a 420Nurse medicate is somehow both provocative and sexy. Twist-ted!!?

With hospitable glee, the two 420Nurses offer me a dab of their stash.

Summer Rain looks anxious as generations connect through cannabis.

Wait for it, wait for it…

Ahhh, as Summer gives the high sign to the other 420Nurses, and maybe a sigh of relief at not having to become a real nurse, lol.

It’s another ‘Patient Appreciation Day’ at the Green Pearl on October 6 and the invite said, ‘Come Play With The Nurses’. Dare I not?

Photography by Brittany LeGault Images©

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