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Temecula, CA – With so much ‘war talk’ in the air and the list of shady dealings concerning Obama getting longer by the day, it was time to pull my head from the armpit of current events and grab some fresh air in the still pristine spaces of rural Temecula. I suggest my readers do the same, particularly if any attend Calvary Baptist or the soon-to-come ICTV mosque place of worship on Nicolas Road.
“There are none so blind, as though who would not see.”

Ponder the above statement. People who are born blind or made blind, develop enhanced other senses to compensate. People who are blinded by ignorance, blinded by arrogance, blinded by science, and blinded by religion get no such compensation.

Remember the French Valley Power Plant scheme exposed here years ago?

The mission statement of the Calendar is to inform you, the reader, of matters we hope will make you a more aware citizen of the planet, of California, and of the county of Riverside. By protecting the truth, we serve the general public, but this is a two-way street. As on any two-way street, there are consequences if all directions of traffic aren’t observed. Now back to the French Valley Power Plan scheme.
Certain city elements had backdoored a deal through the county to locate a power plant right next door to the French Valley Airport. The deal was all money and no foresight as far as the safety issue was concerned. As an added bonus, the type of generating platform to be used would produce a smelly byproduct as a consequence. Long story short, a coven-sized ragtag group of concerned citizens was able to derail the plan to the tune of a 50K loss to the developers.
As you look across the eastern rim of Temecula as it heads out toward French Valley, you will see a line of tall metal power transmission poles. This line belongs to SDG&E and they use it as a secondary to route excess power from San Diego through this section of the state northward. It is to this line that the French Valley Power Plant was going to splice into and send the excess power it generated northward for the parent company’s bottom line. Only the backwash for the good folks of Temecula and French Val; as the power pimps do not live in the neighborhoods that would be affected.
But we won. The love of money was averted from us, a general population because we all pulled together, though we are dissimilar. So wouldn’t logic dictate that people who are similar, united by a single factor, would be as a team, focused? What if that single factor was religion?

At the time of the French Valley Power Plant scheme being dropped, a deep mole alerted me to a plan B site by the same city power pimps. Late at night he said, “These are the coordinates. Check it in the daylight but wait a few days to see if there is any activity first. This is all I can do.”

At the first signs of activity, I alerted someone at the mosque. His rational was that such an idea was preposterous. I then contacted someone who attended the Christian church in question and put forth the same information.
This time the information was received with more enthusiasm and a ‘we’ll get right on it’ response followed. The last and final act was to deliver a personal note to the Imam’s residence, which was accepted by his current wife. I went home, unsaddled my steel ride, hung up my mask, cape and sword, then smoked a fat bowl with Mary Jane.

Months later the red phone rang and the deep mole said, “Wtf!!?! Did you see all the construction? They are putting the power plant there!” Again I alerted my stringers in those arenas.

More months rolled by and a Lemony Snicket series of unfortunate events unfolded.

The Calvary Christians mounted an all out war on words of dissent against the incoming followers of Islam, a legacy that can be blamed on 911. If ever on the radar, the power plant right across the street now guarded by an armed guard, sits in a freshly carved niche into the surrounding landscape, took a back burner. More insidious was the report of someone on the inside voting to table a church look-see into the matter.
The ICTV Mosque project has continued at a slow pace, partially due to the economy slowdown and equally in part due to an interior division which begot a splinter mosque group. The original imam is now part of that group. Any and all concern by that imam toward his fellow ex-congregation left when he did, as any Christian group who has experienced a church fellowship schism knows.
The mole I had buried deep in that camp has moved on to a different assignment so I no longer have access to the Islamic group as before.

For any readers who desire to see the new power plant going in, just follow the newly installed tall steel power poles that line the right side of Nicolas road just barely past the last housing tract to where they stop.

“Like a rotten fart in a crowed elevator Laddy, you canna miss it.” (Star Trek Scotty voice)

Somehow, however, two groups of the devoutly religious did. The Lord moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to behold.

So are his punishments.

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